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1a Tenter Ground, E1 7NH, London, UK
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to Sun 14 Aug 2022
By Appointment

A.I. Gallery is collaborating with Artists at Risk to exhibit a selection of prints by 9 different artists at Tenter Ground.

Artists exhibiting prints include Haffendi Anuar, Amy Bernstein, Camilla Bliss, WeiXin Quek Chong, Laura Hindmarsh, Sarah Choo Jing, Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee, IDN and James Seow.

This exhibition is held in conjunction with two Ukrainian artists-in-residency at Tenter Ground.

About Artists at Risk

ARTISTS at RISK (AR) is a non-profit organisation (equivalency determination as a 501c-3) active at the intersection of human rights and the arts. Since 2013, AR has built a mondial network of arts and non-profits, municipalities, states and international organizations to assist, relocate and fund artists who are at risk of persecution, oppression or fleeing war or terror. AR hosted artists in 26 locations in 19 countries globally, prior to the Ukraine war. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, currently over 500 hosting institutions have joined the platform across Europe in order relocate and support the over 1000 art practitioner at risk from Ukraine, and 275 dissident artists at risk of persecution, imprisonment, torture or worse from Russia and Belarus. Most of these have signed up via our forms, and AR has also recently launched cooperation with the Swedish SWAN network, UNESCO and other national and regional residency networks, such as the breakthrough partnership with the German national network of the Goethe Institute.

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