What is ArtPassport?

  • ArtPassport is a revolutionary app that allows you to experience 360 degree, VR exhibition tours and access gallery guides tailored to different cities, as well as locate exhibitions near you, all from the comfort of your phone! Click here to install and read more about it here.

Why should I sign up?

  • Signing-up is free and gives you access to over 10,000 archived exhibitions, thousands of VR views from the best galleries around the world, as well as the GalleriesNow Newsletter of exhibition openings and closings and the Weekender. You can also save your favourite exhibitions and create ArtLists of your favourite artworks.
  • Sign up here!

How do I save an exhibition to look at later?

  • Click the heart icon to add an exhibition to “saved exhibitions”. You need to be logged in and you can find “saved exhibitions” under the user menu (top right). You will receive notifications when installation images, more information, or VR views are added, and an alert when the exhibition is about to close.

What is ‘My ArtLists’?

  • The “My ArtLists” function allows you to save artworks to personalised lists - click on the three dots next to the artwork you wish to save and you will be able to easily locate them at a later date.

Are exhibitions free of charge?

  • Exhibitions at commercial galleries are normally free of charge. Many museums have permanent free exhibitions as well, alongside which they often put on charged exhibitions which are normally open for a limited amount of time.
  • Check the exhibition listing to see if the exhibition has charged entry.


I don’t feel comfortable visiting a gallery at the moment. Is there a way for me to be able to see exhibitions virtually?

  • Yes, GalleriesNow provides a number of ways to view exhibitions virtually. Viewing rooms are online-only exhibitions where galleries can delve into an artist, movement, or individual work in more detail. GalleriesNow VRs provide 360-degree views of exhibitions from multiple perspectives, allowing you to make a virtual visit without leaving your house. Download the free ArtPassport App on your phone and enjoy the gallery experience anywhere, anytime.

How do I book an appointment with a gallery to see an exhibition?

  • On each exhibition page there is a “contact gallery” link where you can arrange an appointment or ask for more information about works. There are also links to the galleries’ own websites on each gallery’s page.

Are galleries open at the moment?

  • Many, but not all galleries are currently open and those who are may well be taking precautions to ensure their visitors are as safe as possible. In the current situation it is advisable to contact the gallery if you are unsure as to their policy.

What measures are being taken by galleries to ensure visiting exhibitions is as safe as possible?

  • Galleries will be responding differently, depending on governmental advise and individual circumstance - often you will be required to book an appointment. 


What galleries are on GalleriesNow?

  • The galleries on the platform (online, app, Instagram) are selected based on a number of qualities - including which artists they represent, what their program is and other factors - to ensure that they are the highest quality and most interesting galleries in the world.
  • The full list of participating galleries is here.

Is GalleriesNow managed?

  • Yes, and always has been! Because we consult with galleries, we have always taken on the job of all the maintenance and upkeep of every exhibition we promote.

How do I feature my exhibitions/gallery on GalleriesNow?

  • Exhibitions and galleries found on our platforms are all subscribed members of GalleriesNow - to apply for inclusion please click here or call us on +44 (0)20 7534 9898.

How do I get my exhibition onto the GalleriesNow Instagram?

  • Our Instagram feed is reserved for the galleries we work with - you can apply to be part of GalleriesNow here.

How do I get my products onto the shop?

  • The GalleriesNow Shop sells publications and editions from our member galleries - for more information on how to be included, click here.


We provide the Shop to help galleries promote and sell their publications and editions to a worldwide audience. Typically published in limited runs and in close conjunction with the artist, the books on our site are often not available anywhere else. We’re excited to open up the treasure troves of each gallery, and hope you will enjoy the collection.

What is the GalleriesNow Shop?

  • The GalleriesNow Shop is a marketplace for rare and hard to find books and editions published by galleries, often unavailable anywhere else.
  • VR accessories are also sold, enhancing our ArtPassport app.

Can I ship internationally?

  • Yes, most items in the Shop can be shipped directly to you internationally. If you have any questions you can always contact us on shop@galleriesnow.net.

How do I get my products onto the shop?

  • Products featured on the Shop are from galleries who are part of GalleriesNow - for more information click here.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in contact via team@galleriesnow.net or +44 (0)20 7534 9898.

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