VR services from GalleriesNow

Totally virtual spaces

We have created an in-house production unit for completely virtual exhibitions.

The unit can create detailed facsimiles of real gallery spaces or design custom environments for displaying art.

These innovative ways of creating exhibitions also include details of the featured art works and appear on our website as VRs. In fact, they are so good, they look like VRs that have been photographed in a real gallery.

Our VR photography is expanding

We are delighted to announce that we have increased our team of dedicated VR photographers to cover our ever-growing list of cities where you can discover art in Virtual Reality.

We now cover:

Berlin  · Hong Kong · London

Los Angeles · New York · Paris

Shanghai · Vienna · Zürich

At this current time we are still able to provide VR services - the health and safety of our clients and staff is of primary importance and we continue to work safely and effectively.

GalleriesNow is the world’s leading creator of VR exhibition photography and our programme is currently available to all galleries, subscribing or not - an exciting and invaluable way to engage with your audiences.

At the current time when it is difficult for many key audiences to visit in person, VR photography is a great way to allow people to experience your exhibition programme.

VR photography perfectly captures the scale, layout, curation and sense of place of an exhibition in a way that is uniquely engaging.

The VRs are featured on GalleriesNow, on our dedicated app ArtPassport, in our weekly emails and our Instagram account. You can also easily embed them on your site.

“really pleased with how our GalleriesNow VR tours turned out”

Capitain Petzel, Berlin

GalleriesNow were first to use VR photography for art exhibitions and we have developed our own technology to display them in a way that is both respectful of the gallery experience and allows viewers to concentrate on the art.

We have our own, dedicated teams of VR photographers around the world, in cities including Berlin, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Zürich.

GalleriesNow VRs - key benefits

three types of virtual exhibitions

- virtual tours of actual exhibition

- virtual exhibitions in actual spaces

- completely virtual exhibitions

unlimited artwork hotspots

- as much, or as little, information about individual works

VRs feature on the GalleriesNow website

- seen by visitors from over 100 countries

- over 1.5 million impressions/month

- alongside the most interesting and important international exhibitions

easily embed VRs on your site

- we provide embed code for every VR

included on the dedicated ArtPassport app


social media friendly

- we post auto-videos onto our Instagram account (to over 330,000 followers)

- we post the actual VRs onto Facebook

- both are supplied to the gallery for use on your own social media

fully archived

- you can use GalleriesNow VRs as a permanent record of your exhibitions

Other services
In addition to VR photography we offer
⁃ installation photography
⁃ artwork photography
⁃ video production
⁃ operation within 3rd-party platforms (e.g. Matterport)

please get in touch to discuss

Non-art VRs
With our international team of photographers and huge experience, we are a great choice whatever your VR photography needs. We can arrange photography at a time to suit you and publish using our own bespoke technology or with your preferred platform.

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