GalleriesNow for Galleries


GalleriesNow presents your gallery, artists and exhibition programmes to an international audience of collectors, curators, art professionals and enthusiasts.

Participation is curated to ensure quality and the resource is completely managed - we do all of the uploading and maintenance for you.

Your subscription gives you:

  • - all exhibitions featured on the GalleriesNow website
  • - all exhibitions featured in our weekly Openings and Closings Newsletters
  • - all exhibitions featured on our Instagram account
  • - unlimited images and details of individual works with each exhibition
  • - all exhibitions featured on the ArtPassport app
  • - 360° VR panoramas + Instagrammable movies (subject to geographical roll-out)
  • - inclusion in our ArtPassport print maps (currently produced in New York, London and Vienna)
  • - book, catalogue and edition sales via the GalleriesNow Shop
  • - clash diary

Subscription is based on the number of spaces/exhibition programmes that the gallery operates and costs £860/space/year or £79/space/month for the first space. Subsequent spaces get a 10% discount.

To submit your gallery for inclusion please fill the form below or contact us on or +44 (0)20 7534 9898.

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