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GalleriesNow is dedicated to promoting the world’s leading galleries, art museums, foundations and auction houses.

We are independent, international, objectively curated and managed.

We consistently innovate to create the tools that collectors, curators, critics, art professionals and art enthusiasts love and use to explore the art world.

Context matters
- our unique gallery selection programme ensures that your gallery appears in the best company

Your time is valuable
so we look after all uploading and maintenance for you.

Art is international
and so are we, over 400 galleries in 40 cities in 25 countries use GalleriesNow to reach collectors and art lovers across the globe.

The GalleriesNow Platform

Platform elements:
1 - Website

all your exhibitions featured

- unlimited install shots
- unlimited individual works
- texts and reviews
- offsite exhibitions
- pop-up exhibitions
- fair booths

VR views

interactive maps and city guides

gallery profile

links to your website and Instagram

artist lists

fair calendar


everything you need to reach out to
an international art audience,

and present your gallery
in the best possible context

Platform elements:
2. The Week in Art Newsletter

the industry's essential resource.

all your exhibitions featured when they open and close

all events listed

every Tuesday

25k recipients

30+% open rate

Platform elements:
3. The Weekender Newsletter

international exhibition selection

periodic city focusses

every Friday

25k recipients

30+% open rate

Platform elements:
4. VR photography programme

specially-developed VR technology specifically designed to
translate the gallery experience online

our own team of photographers 

over 1,000 exhibitions recorded to date

Platform elements:
5. ArtPassport app

available on iOS and Android

360 VR exhibition views 


featured by Apple, Forbes, GQ, Time,
the FT’s How to Spend It

Platform elements:
6. Instagram

all your exhibitions featured with exhibition views and VR movies


2k new followers/week

2.5m impressions/month

Platform elements:
7. Print maps

published 3 times a year in London and New York:




distributed in galleries, hotels, art fairs

partners include the Frieze VIP programme in London and New York, Independent Art Fair, The Armory Show, Royal Academy of Arts, Vienna Contemporary, Outset

Platform elements:
8. Clash Diary

exluxively for subscribing galleries

invaluable planning tool

- openings
- closings
- exhibition dates
- private views
- events
- fairs as soon

Platform elements:
9. Shop

e-commerce marketplace specially developed to feature gallery catalogues, publications and editions

Platform elements:
10. Articles

Contributers include Maureen Paley, Almine Rech, Bo Young Song, David Salle and David Juda

Platform elements:
11. Events

Events have included a guided tour by Jacob Thage (Director of the Museum Jorn, Silkeborg) at Victoria Miro, a performance by Silvia Giambrone at Richard Saltoun Gallery, a tour of the Cy Twombly exhibition with Gary Waterston and expert talks at Sotheby's and Bonhams.

Subscribe to GalleriesNow


Galleries join GalleriesNow by annual subscription.

Participation is curated to ensure quality and the resource is completely managed - we do all of the uploading and maintenance for you.


Your subscription gives you:

  • - all exhibitions featured on the GalleriesNow website
  • - all exhibitions featured in our weekly Openings and Closings Newsletters
  • - all exhibitions featured on our Instagram account
  • - unlimited images and details of individual works with each exhibition
  • - all exhibitions featured on the ArtPassport app
  • - 360° VR panoramas + Instagrammable movies (subject to geographical roll-out)
  • - inclusion in our ArtPassport print maps (currently produced in New York, London and Vienna)
  • - book, catalogue and edition sales via the GalleriesNow Shop
  • - clash diary



Subscription is based on the number of spaces/exhibition programmes that the gallery operates.

The first space costs £860/space/year or £80/space/month.

Subsequent spaces get a 10% discount - i.e. £774/space/year or £71/space/month.

Not-for-profit institutions get a 50% discount.

To submit your gallery for inclusion please fill the form below or contact us on or +44 (0)20 7534 9898.

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