Daido Moriyama

Record (Nr. 1-35) (complete series)

Signed by Artist


31 x 23 cm   (12.1 x 9 in)

Published by Akio Nagasawa


Language: English/Japanese

Pages: 35 books


In stock

Daido Moriyama began to self-publish his photography in a journal he called “Record”, reaching five issues before he halted the project in 1972. It was picked up again in 2006, after encouragement by Akio Nagasawa.
 Comparing the images from the early “Record” period with the photographs from his latest issue, Moriyama says:
“It seemed as if the time that had passed between the photos taken in 1972 and those shot in 2017 had been erased, so that all the printed images in these two books suddenly appeared on the same level without that temporal depth. Rather than being a natural effect, considering that they were all made by the same photographer, it appears to me that this was a phenomenon that has to be attributed to something other than the primary recording capacity of photography as a duplication mechanism.”

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