Clay Ketter

Gulf Coast Slabs

Limited Edition of 2000


28.5 x 23 cm   (10.9 x 9 in)

Published by Bartha Contemporary


Language: English

Pages: 102


“a topographical study of architectural remnants created in the wake of hurricane Katrina, 2005”

Ketter is renowned for creating works through the investigation of construction techniques. His work on the surface has a beautifully minimalist aesthetic, but the real interest lies beneath the layers in a "truth to materials" approach and the perfection of the process.

Gulf Coast Slabs is a topographical study of the Mississippi landscape, and the remnants of architectural forms created in the wake of hurricane Katrina in 2005. Ketter, who worked as a builder and carpenter for many years, was deeply moved by the destruction of these homes.

Combining consistency and innovation, Ketter produces works at the junctures of architecture, sculpture and painting. The variation of media establishes layers of complexity but the terse composition of his works are always visually arresting. He falls within an American painterly tradition that started in abstract expressionism and developed into minimalism.

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