The gallery was founded in 2008, after the positive experience of Uscita Pistoia, a no-profit space located in the outskirts of town, currently active with special project.

In September of the same year the gallery moved to 13 Amati street in Pistoia downtown.
The gallery’s programming alternate group shows, solo exhibitions and curated projects and our mission is to work mainly with international emerging young artists, providing them with a place for experimentation and discussion, and presenting to collectors, curators and the general public different forms of artistic practice which, in their diversity, are representative of the complexity of the contemporary art scene today.

In 2013 the gallery opened a next-door project space with the desire to offer a space for site specific exhibitions.



Via Amati 13
51100 Pistoia
Pistoia , Italy
+39 0573 977354
Open: 11am-2pm/3pm-7pm Mon-Fri

Via Amati 13, 51100 Pistoia, Pistoia, Italy
Open: 11am-2pm/3pm-7pm Mon-Fri


Forthcoming Exhibitions

at present the archive of over 10,000 exhibitbions is only available to the GalleriesNow membership programme.

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