The Sunday Painter announces launch of new “Gertrude” initiative

Brought to you by The Sunday Painter Gallery founders Harry Beer, Tom Cole and Will Jarvis, Gertrude is an innovative new art platform with the aim of broadening the demographic that can live with art via an art subscription service.

Subscribers can choose art, have it delivered direct to their home to live with for a period, and then return or purchase. In turn this also brings greater sustainability to the lives of contemporary artists living and working today.

Initially launching in London, there are currently 25 international artists listed on the platform including Cynthia Daignault, Hannah Knox, Ansel Krut, Helena Foster, Sara Naim and Nicholas Pope - with plans to grow both the geographical and artistic coverage.

Gertrude is named in reference to Gertrude Stein, one of the most significant art patrons of the twentieth century. Stein was ahead of her time in promoting some of the most important artists of the era, in particular Picasso, Matisse, Cezanne and Braque.

The non-ownership subscription model will plug into the existing infrastructure of the art world, taking works otherwise destined for storage and bring them into the homes of art lovers for a fraction of the cost of buying, and in doing so generate a consistent revenue for artists and galleries and allow customers both transparent information and affordable access to some of the best contemporary art being made today.

For the customer, all artworks are available for £50/month. For the artist, once just one work is subscribed to, we are offering monthly payments ranging from £150/month to £300/month for a 12 month period.

Gertrude officially launches on 27th September and are offering a limited number of free subscriptions to any work for three months - use the promo code tspgert at checkout.

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