Karsten Schubert London announces representation of Charlotte Verity

Karsten Schubert London announces the representation of British artist Charlotte Verity - following two recent solo exhibitions at the gallery, “Echoing Green” and “Echoing Green Part II: The Printed Year”, which presented Verity’s recent paintings and watercolour monotypes respectively.

“Things move quickly, fleetingly, barely noticeably. How to respond?” Verity

Whether working at a large or small scale, Verity maps the ephemerality of her immediate surroundings, evoking the cycles of nature. The sense of light and space compels the viewer to look more closely. Transient moments and feelings are captured whether in the blossom of the pear tree in spring, or the starkness of holly in winter, the sky reflected in its shiny leaves. With her brush she seeks out the subtle shifts in tone and colour, or the exact line and curve of what is in front of her. Her handling ranges accordingly - from broad strokes to intense passages of fine brushwork.

“Nothing in a Verity painting is ever motionless […] How Verity achieves this sense of movement - birth growth, blossom, decay, four seasons on a single surface -with such an economy of subject is what makes her a truly contemporary painter” - Rachel Spence

photo: Sophie Davidson

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