The Artist Room

The Artist Room is a gallery and online space specialising in artworks and objects from twentieth century and contemporary art. Founded on a commitment to and passion for art, we are guided by the principles of connoisseurship, authenticity and a forward-thinking attitude. Through a series of thoughtful and revealing exhibitions, as well as a constantly revolving, curated online ‘store’, The Artist Room focuses on offering artworks that reflect our own personal interests and taste. In this way, we aim to provide a space to access and engage with a range of diverse and influential artists.


The Artist Room

76 Brewer Street
London , UK
+44 203 372 2884
Open: Wed-Fri 11am-6pm, Sat 12-4pm

76 Brewer Street, W1F 9TX, London, UK
Open: Wed-Fri 11am-6pm, Sat 12-4pm


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