Antonia Showering Joins Timothy Taylor

Showering is known for her enigmatic, richly coloured portraits of figures in amorphous domestic settings or landscapes. Rendered in deep shades of amber, green and marigold yellow, Showering’s figures seem to slide in and out of their surroundings. Areas of abstraction seem on the verge of shifting into other forms, capturing the elusive and changing realities of subjectivity, memory, imagination and desire.

Personal symbols and totems within her paintings serve as clues to specific moments, feelings and people within Showering’s own life, while evocations of childhood memories and biomorphic imagery link her to artists such as Arshile Gorky and Paula Rego as well as the tradition of German Expressionism.

“Antonia’s oil portraits isolate the interior world by giving it physical form, trapping emotions in swirling swathes of abstract paint. In her exploration of the psychological landscape through the border between abstraction and figuration, Showering is working in an established tradition of artists dating back to the post-war period, including Jean Dubuffet and Philip Guston, with whom the gallery has a long history and tradition of sales and exhibitions” - Timothy Taylor

Showering’s first solo exhibition with the gallery will take place at its London space in January 2022.

Antonia Showering. Courtesy of Jake Millers, Avant Arte, 2021

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