Sylvia Kouvali opened Rodeo in 2007 in Istanbul. As well as looking to the local region, the programme has always had an international approach, with a focus on the qualities of the works, rather than geographies. The gallery’s primary goal is to expand the dialogue between collectors, museums and curators towards international understanding of contemporary art. Rodeo focuses on working in close connection with institutions and biennials alongside the artists to produce and present new ground-breaking works internationally. In October 2014, Rodeo opened its second space in London’s Soho, where this focus has been expanded, brin- ging significant presence in major exhibitions worldwide. In June 2018, Rodeo opened a new space in Piraeus, Greece: a place to present artists from the roster, but also to invite new positions, some of historical relevance, and some younger artists aiming to write history with. With a move from Soho to Mayfair in January 2020, the gallery established a new program- ming structure, offering artists both locations to produce exhibitions spread across London and Piraeus – an opportunity to focus on the breadth of an artist’s practice, to look historically as well as produce new work and to consider two very different geographies simultaneously.

Forthcoming Exhibitions



12a Bourdon St
United Kingdom
+44 207 43 99 777

Open: Tue-Sat 11am-6pm


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