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YOU’RE NOT ONLY HUMAN @ The Gallery of Everything, London

Sun 12 Aug 2018 to Sun 16 Sep 2018

YOU’RE NOT ONLY HUMAN @ The Gallery of Everything

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Open: 11am-6.30pm Tue-Sat, 2pm-6pm Sun

4 Chiltern St, W1U 7PS, London, UK
Open: 11am-6.30pm Tue-Sat, 2pm-6pm Sun



to Sun 16 Sep 2018
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The Gallery of Everything continues its programme of international contemporary making with YOU’RE NOT ONLY HUMAN.

The Gallery of Everything Youre not only human 1

The Gallery of Everything Youre not only human 2

This two-person display juxtaposes the kinetic combat graphics of acclaimed wrestling devotee and Osaka native, TOMOYUKI SHINKI, with the delicate philosophical aphorisms of Chicago text artist, LOUIS DEMARCO.

Some years ago, a monumental project surfaced a few paces down from our current gallery doorstep.

Those of you who visited may remember the Museum of Everything at Selfridges. It was a multi-headed hydra of a project, with what turned out to be over a hundred thousand visitors, spreading out across five separate spaces inside the store.

Maybe you recall the dozens of artists, or even their studios, located in the nooks and crannies of the globe, and producing the most insatiable contemporary stuff. And if you do, then maybe (just maybe) you recollect two lateral thinkers, whose distinct worldviews and confident hands delighted in the strangeness of our mortal state.

Today we welcome TOMOYUKI SHINKI and LOUIS DEMARCO back to the fold, to The Gallery of Everything for their first selling show in the UK. TOMOYUKI, known internationally for his ultra-pop pro-wrestling portraiture. LOUIS, the home-grown hero, famed for a perceptive and personal use of language, and for how it communicates his being.

These are the authors of YOU’RE NOT ONLY HUMAN … the title of the cover art for that 2012 catalogue, and the ideal moniker for this intimate invitation. We hope that it grabs you as they now grab us.

Finally, we must thank the artists, their families, their representatives and their studios; and as ever, we in turn and together thank you.

The Gallery of Everything, August 2018

Courtesy of The Gallery Of Everything, London
Courtesy of The Gallery Of Everything, London

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