Your Mirror: Portraits from the ICP Collection

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Open: 10am-6pm Tue-Sun (10am-9pm Thurs)

250 Bowery, NY 10012, New York, USA
Open: 10am-6pm Tue-Sun (10am-9pm Thurs)


Your Mirror: Portraits from the ICP Collection

New York

Your Mirror: Portraits from the ICP Collection
to Sun 16 Jun 2019
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From nineteenth-century daguerreotypes to twenty-first-century selfies, portraiture has dominated the medium of photography. Drawn from ICP’s collection, this exhibition surveys the nuanced ways people present themselves for the camera, how and by whom they are represented, and who is deemed worthy of commemoration.

ICP Museum Your Mirror 1

ICP Museum Your Mirror 2

ICP Museum Your Mirror 3

ICP Museum Your Mirror 4

This selection includes studio portraits, snapshots, and documentary photographs. From a deathbed daguerreotype by Southworth & Hawes and a cart-de-visite featuring Sojourner Truth holding her knitting to Samuel Fosso’s performative self-portraits and FBI wanted posters, every portrait serves a different purpose. Each one offers the opportunity to investigate the ways photography shapes our ideas about ourselves and others. Curated by Erin Barnett, director of exhibitions and collections, and Claartje van Dijk, assistant curator, collections.

John Halpern for the International Center of Photography

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