World Receivers
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World Receivers @ Zabludowicz Collection, London

Thu 21 Mar 2019 to Sun 7 Jul 2019

World Receivers @ Zabludowicz Collection

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Open: temporary closure

176 Prince of Wales Road, NW5 3PT, London, UK
Open: temporary closure


World Receivers


World Receivers
to Sun 7 Jul 2019
temporary closure

Special events:
*Performance: Puppies Puppies. Saturday 11 May, 12-6pm
*Taster Tour. Saturday 11 May, 4pm-4.30pm
*Performance: FlucT. Wednesday 19 June, 7pm-8.30pm
*Performance: World Receivers. Thursday 4 July, 7pm-8.30pm

Kevin Beasley, Hayden Dunham, Lizzie Fitch, Lizzie Fitch/Ryan Trecartin, Aaron Fowler, Isa Genzken, Tau Lewis, Athena Papadopoulos, Signe Pierce, Puppies Puppies, Cindy Sherman, Anj Smith, Jasper Spicero, Ryan Trecartin, Anna Uddenberg, Chloe Wise and Issy Wood.

World Receivers focuses on the overlaps of identity, materiality and politics. The exhibition continues the Zabludowicz Collection’s commitment to promoting and contextualizing new perspectives in contemporary art and in particular, an engagement with issues of individuality.


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Featuring two foundational artists: Cindy Sherman and Isa Genzken, alongside 14 younger voices, the exhibition exposes personal, creative and social influence across generations. Many works are deeply invested with subjective visual languages that mark an overt return to the individual in recent art practice. World Receivers is curated by Tiffany Zabludowicz and the artworks have been selected from the Collection in relation to her programme of residencies and exhibitions in New York at Times Square Space.

Tiffany Zabludowicz on the exhibition: “By purposefully constructing identities and archetypes, the artists in the exhibition explore what defines a person in today’s world when the political environment puts the freedom to define selfhood at stake. Identity is fluid and intricate and yet we strive to frame and represent an idea of ourselves. This exhibition proposes that veracity is emotional, physical, and sensory and that these artists are exposing the traps, stereotypes and perpetuated myths that hold us together, as well as force us apart.”

The exhibition features performances by Signe Pierce and Puppies Puppies and two newly commissioned installations by Pierce and Issy Wood. Pierce will create portals throughout the building, combining materials that reflect and transport the viewer to altered states. Wood will create a new environment for her paintings; working in a variety of scales her paintings cast a surreal veneer over all that they depict. All other works are drawn from the Zabludowicz Collection with the majority produced in the last five years.

Many of these artists have evolving practices, working simultaneously across a variety of labour-intensive media; including painting, sculpture, text, sound, photography, film, and performance. The exhibition will be a panoply of perspectives in conversation. Sound will delineate distinct atmospheres as soundtracks selected by the artists will interrupt or encourage the viewers’ experience of the exhibited works. A publication featuring artists’ contributions will be published during the exhibition.


Tiffany Zabludowicz (b. 1992, London, UK) lives and works in New York City, US. She graduated from Brown University in 2014 (BA. Art history, Hons, and Literary Arts), and has curated shows at Leila Heller Gallery, NY (Kiln, 2014), and Zabludowicz Collection, London (The Still House Group, 2015). She is co-chair of the Guggenheim Young Collectors Council and a founding member of the Artemis Council at New Museum. She founded Times Square Space in 2016 and has curated solo shows by artists in this exhibition; Signe Pierce, Jasper Spicero and Hayden Dunham. Tiffany is the eldest daughter of the founders of the Collection and has been influential in the acquisition of many of the works in this exhibition.

World Receivers, 2019, Installation View. Courtesy The Artist and Zabludowicz Collection. Photo: Tim Bowditch

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