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10F., No. 25-1, Sec. 4, Renai Road, Taipei, Taiwan
Open: Tue-Sat 10am-6pm


Sat 18 Nov 2023 to Wed 28 Feb 2024

10F., No. 25-1, Sec. 4, Renai Road, Winter Wonders

Tue-Sat 10am-6pm

Explore the magic of the holiday season through this exhibition, where art transcends boundaries. From intricate details to grand expressions, Winter Wonders captures the essence of the festive spirit. Whether you're drawn to geometric precision, abstract interpretations, blooming florals, captivating figures, or the charm of animals, the exhibition promises a journey into a realm of imagination and soulful delight. The beauty and diversity of art is celebrated in this enchanting winter spectacle.


Thierry Feuz, Psychotropical Amalia, 2023

Oil and lacquer on canvas

90 × 110 cm

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Pascal Dombis, Post-Digital Surface (T9), 2022

Lenticular print on aluminium composite

120 × 180 cm

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Willi Siber, Wood wall object, 2020

Wood, chrome enamel

Dimension variable

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Peter Krauskopf, ALTESBILD, 2021

Oil on linen

38 × 51 cm

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Christiane Grimm, Pearl VII, 2022

Mixed media and acrylic glass

60 × 60 × 10 cm

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Installation Views

Installation image for Winter Wonders, at Bluerider ART Installation image for Winter Wonders, at Bluerider ART Installation image for Winter Wonders, at Bluerider ART

German artist Christiane Grimm approaches her creations from an architectural perspective. Her work is known as "unplugged dynamic light and shadow." Over the years, she has experimented with light, colour, space, and the characteristics of materials like special glass and acrylic. The exhibited pieces represent the ethereal and tranquil essence of a silver-white icy world, symbolising seasonal landscapes, oceans, or lands. Particularly noteworthy is that the artworks emit their own light, guiding viewers into a dreamlike realm, immersing them in an extraordinary atmosphere. Australian artist Ces McCully uses concise compositions and muted colours to depict a mosaic of everyday life moods. She enjoys capturing moments of inspiration in the creative process, using a unique colour language to portray emotions and abstract lines to represent specific events, creating visually captivating chapters. Swiss artist Thierry Feuz conveys the concept that "seeing a flower creates a world." He highlights how everyone can correspond beautiful moments in their past life experiences to eternal memories. His artwork features rich yet balanced compositions, bold colours, and a dazzling and poetic aesthetic. The silver lustre with a festive atmosphere creates extraordinary imprints of profound emotions through painting. French artist Pascal Dombis explores themes of language, algorithms, and control. He excels at creating dynamic visuals, famous for excessive manipulation of algorithms, repetition, and unpredictability. Using computers and algorithms, he generates simple geometric shapes and printed symbols, manipulating text, images, and lines. Through simple code instructions and the continuous addition of random parameters, he creates unpredictable dynamic visual graphics.

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