William Turnbull - The Eternal Now: Works from the Estate of William Turnbull

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William Turnbull - The Eternal Now: Works from the Estate of William Turnbull


William Turnbull - The Eternal Now: Works from the Estate of William Turnbull
Auction: Wed 10 Jun - Wed 17 Jun 2020
Exhibition: to Wed 17 Jun 2020
Mon-Fri 10am-5pm


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10 – 17 June 2020 | London | full auction details

‘I was very much concerned that a sculpture was an object and a painting was an object. The paintings I made were objects, they weren’t illusions. They didn’t refer to something else, they only refer to themselves, and so they were actually in the same area, but they were made with different stuff’

(The Artist, in William Turnbull: Beyond Time, a film by Alex Turnbull and Peter Stern,


William Turnbull is considered one of the most significant sculptors of the Post-War generation in Britain, yet throughout his life, painting and drawing was just as vital to his practice as an artist. Whether working in bronze and wood, oil or acrylic, on the etching plate, lithographic stone or with linocut, Turnbull’s quest to experiment and innovate is always in evidence. His work combines ancient symbols with modernist simplicity, which imbues it with a sense of timelessness – a sense that an early critic described as ‘The Eternal Now’.

This sale, sourced directly from the Artist’s Estate, ranges from Turnbull’s rarely seen graphic work from the early 1950s, through to paintings, works on paper and lithographs made in the 1980s and 90s – as well as including three signature sculptures. These works bear witness to Turnbull’s interest in spontaneous and gestural mark-making, with a focus on the figure, whilst also showcasing his powerful abstract vision. The sale traces the artist’s journey from the early influence of Paris and the artists he met there – particularly Paul Klee and Alberto Giacometti – though to his engagement with Abstract Expressionism at the height of its momentum in New York and beyond, to his later work that marries power of expression with a deceptive simplicity.

With thanks to Offer Waterman, London, who represent the Estate of William Turnbull- and to Alex & Johnny Turnbull


Banner image: William Turnbull in his Studio, Photograph by Kim Lim. Courtesy The Estate of William Turnbull 

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