Úlfur Karlsson: Omnivoures

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Open: Thur-Fri noon-6pm

Absberggasse 27, 1100, Vienna, Austria
Open: Thur-Fri noon-6pm


Úlfur Karlsson: Omnivoures


Úlfur Karlsson: Omnivoures
to Sat 31 Aug 2019
Thur-Fri noon-6pm
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Humans are omnivoures. The evidence is in our teeth: We have sharp incisors and canines found in carnivoures, as well as chewing molars typical for herbivores.
One theory of human evolution contends that we became long-distance runners because we hunted food by running it down until it tired.

We can consume almost anything that comes our way and we do it.

Today we are devouring more than Earth can provide, self-consuming like a wildfire.

Úlfur Karlsson

Photographer: Katharina Stögmüller

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