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to Sat 8 Jan 2022
Mon-Sat 10am-7pm

​​Unit London presents Transformations, a historic IRL and URL exhibition of NFTs, offered exclusively for sale via Institut.

Transformations marks the close of a year in which the advent of creative new technologies and an ongoing global pandemic have disrupted the global artistic community as well as our entire lives. From the algorithmic harmony of Maxim Zhestkov to the brave new aesthetics of Marjan Moghaddam and Ellen Sheidlin, Transformations brings together a diverse group of artists who embody these seismic cultural and social shifts.

In Passengers LHR, Brendan Dawes creates a poignant record of the impact of COVID-19, visualising the undulating ebb and flow of passenger traffic through the vast international hub of Heathrow Airport over a period of nineteen months across 2020-2021. Serwah Attafuah offers a triumphant and needed image of rebirth and healing with Asklepios, a gleaming realisation of herself as the ancient Greek god of medicine.

With the strikingly organic and yet deeply digital Return Zero [Blue] 0.7, Tyler Hobbs utilises code as a creative material in the same way that paint and marble have been wielded by past artists. A timely reminder that we stand at the beginning of a vital new chapter in the snaking and regenerative course of art history.

Remaining true to Unit London’s meritocratic guiding principles, Transformations celebrates artists from diverse and unconventional backgrounds, from the pro-skateboarder Chad Knight to the self-taught Unskilled Worker. Transformations ultimately invites artists and creators to reflect on how the last tumultuous twelve months have impacted and reshaped their lives and careers, as well as our own.

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