Tiziana Lorenzelli: Naturalismo Cosmico

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Open: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm

Via Nassa 62, 6900, Lugano, Switzerland
Open: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm


Tiziana Lorenzelli: Naturalismo Cosmico


Tiziana Lorenzelli: Naturalismo Cosmico
to Fri 22 Jul 2022
Mon-Fri 10am-6pm

Cortesi Gallery Lugano presents Naturalismo Cosmico – Cosmic Naturalism, a solo exhibition by Tiziana Lorenzelli, curated by Vera Canevazzi.

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An eclectic and transversal artist, Tiziana Lorenzelli (Lecco, 1961), transforms the gallery’s spaces into a universe of shiny, metallic installations, some of which have been specially designed for Cortesi Gallery: Lava (2022) and Cobalt Blue Aluflexia Site Specific (2022).

The exhibition develops mainly around the theme of Nature, understood in all its terrestrial and cosmic forms, in the mechanisms of forces that regulate it and in the increasingly urgent need to protect it. This link is also highlighted by choice of titles for the works, such as Lugano Lake (2022), Lugano Moon (2022) and Cosmic Treasure (2022).

Nature is conceived in its mutability, continuous transformation, and evolution with the other elements. This space surrounds it to light and spectators who witness a cosmogony of the universe, its very creation and becoming a celestial world. This cosmic-spatial dimension dominated by forces fields is exactly what Tiziana Lorenzelli wants to recreate. By immersing us in real sculptural constellations, her works are studied and created with the surrounding environment, as in the installation Gold Fractalis (2021), composed of eighteen golden pepits sewn together by thin golden threads.

The theme of Nature, which has been central for the artist for over forty years, has always been conveyed by using recycled or newly produced metals. Over the last ten years, Tiziana Lorenzelli’s attitude to experimentation has focused on a new material, Aluflexia® Recyclable Aluminium, which she invented: an aluminium sandwich, 100% recyclable, flexible and light, easily modelled, able to maintain its final shape. This new material has been used in all the works on show, from the large site-specific installations to the small “floating” sculptures. Gold Contraction (2022), in which the golden foils are crumpled in iron frames that bring them back to a “picture” dimension, as well as Cobalt Blue Table (2022), are made of blue Aluflexia®. This last one is folded and arranged inside a plexiglass table-library that recalls the ex-voto donated to Santa Rita da Cascia by Yves Klein, an artist Lorenzelli loves.

Lorenzelli’s formal research has always been enriched by experimentation with new technologies. For years, her focus was on magnets, which she used to affix her sculptures to the wall, and on the gravitational suspensions of her Flying Sculptures. Recently, she created NFTs artworks: a series of “stroboscopic” drawings transformed into crypto art, starting from the work Cobalt Blu Door (2022), a video in which the blue Aluflexia® installation is transformed and evolves into a dense, magmatic flow.

Installation view, Tiziana Lorenzelli: Naturalismo Cosmico at Cortesi Gallery, Lugano, May 19 - July 22, 2022. Photo: Lucrezia Roda

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