Tim Ellis: In Bloom

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Open: Tue-Sat 11am-6pm

24 Howie Street, SW11 4AY, London, UK
Open: Tue-Sat 11am-6pm


Tim Ellis: In Bloom

to Sat 29 May 2021

Artist : Tim Ellis

24 Howie Street, SW11 4AY Tim Ellis: In Bloom

Tue-Sat 11am-6pm

JGM Gallery presents Tim Ellis’ first solo exhibition at the gallery titled In Bloom.

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His most recent work combines his interest in aesthetic art movements with his love of organic and geometric patterns to form hybrid artworks that map spaces and represent abstract diagrams and journeys. Following on from the earliest cartographers who looked to the sky rather than the earth for their starting points, Ellis follows in a rich tradition of creating maps that are rich with undiscernible abstract codes and symbols.

‘My drawings are a way of mapping or charting territories on paper and creating abstract worlds of pattern and geometry that move the eye around the surface and a long a journey’ – Tim Ellis

Maps have always held a fascination to the artist because they allow you to travel without leaving a space. It is possible to conjure your own stories or imagine the landscape as you travel through a map. The artist translates these ideas to handmade paper, each sheet in-bedded with fragments and matter from locations all around the world and splices these against exotic block printed papers, rich with patterned information, each specific to a locality. Ellis Fuses together and layers the information, treating each work as a frame within a frame, blending different compositions and spaces together. Each piece is built up of layers of information ranging from cryptic diagrams, bloc printed patterns, abstract codes and symbols all formed by the artist making sense of both the physical and virtual environment surrounding him. The sculptures and relief works are extensions of this idea and can be seen as 3 dimensional maps, each piece having its own clearly defined terroir with gullies, valleys and pitfalls, filled with contradictory information and changing patterns depending on different viewing point.

Research has always been an important factor in the development and Ellis sights ‘The Pattern and Decoration Movement’, ‘The Arts and Crafts’,’ Japanese block prints and wallpaper design as integral to the work, along with Chinese Suzhou windows, that frame ornate landscapes with abstract and symbolic patterns. The artist has always been keen to reboot and investigate older ideas and aesthetics, reordering and splicing different genres together to create hybrid works. In essence the artist studio is a melting pot of cultures and perhaps reflects the exchanges in knowledge over the centuries that crossed physical and metaphorical boundaries.

Tim Ellis, b. 1981, Chester, UK.
Tim Ellis is a London based artist. He studied BA Fine Art at John Moores University, Liverpool and graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art from the Royal Academy Schools, London in 2009.
His work is exhibited regularly in the UK and internationally. With solo exhibitions including Art Rotterdam; FOLD Gallery, London; IAG, Hong Kong, and Furini Contemporary in Rome. Recent group exhibitions include The Collectors Room at JGM Gallery, London; Harder Edge at Saatchi Gallery, London; Phase 1 at Angela Ruskin University, Cambridge and Possible Architectures, Stephen Lawrence Gallery at University of Greenwich, London. He was shortlisted for John Moores Painting Prize 26, NSP Sculpture Prize, The Whitechapel Open, and MAC International.
He was featured in the book ‘100 Painters of Tomorrow’, Thames & Hudson and is in the collections including the Saatchi Collection, The Glenfiddich Collection, Swiss Life and various public and private collections in Europe, Asia and USA.

Courtesy of the artist and JGM Gallery, London

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