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Artists: Cristian Avram, Nebojša Despotović, Dido Fontana, Daniel González, Gabriele Grones, Debora Hirsch, Tamara Janes
Curated by: Giorgia Lucchi Boccanera

THE INDIFFERENT is a digital exhibition dedicated to the theme of intolerance: as Liliana Segre, the life-long senator who survived the Holocaust, writes, “... be the key to understanding the reason for evil, because when you believe that something doesn’t touch you, that has nothing to do with you, then there is no limit to the horror. The indifferent is an accomplice.”

Artists are often asked to be a window on the world and to tell reality, even in a specifically non-autobiographical way, but nevertheless to raise their voices with their stories that take shape in painting, as well as in photography and sculpture.

Racism, homophobia, fear of the different, abuse of power, violence against women and fragile subjects, including nature, are the protagonists of the representations selected for the theme of the exhibition.

The images are accompanied by the voices of the artists who, narrating the history of the composition, allow us to enter into a visual sequence, often unexpected, of suggestions that have as their subject the life of the other, with respect to which, for us curious observers of the world, it should be difficult to remain indifferent.

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