The Hoarder Sale

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Open: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm

34-35 New Bond Street, W1A 2AA, London West End, UK
Open: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm


The Hoarder Sale


The Hoarder Sale
Auction: Wed 11 Dec - Wed 18 Dec 2019
Exhibition: to Wed 18 Dec 2019
Mon-Fri 10am-5pm


Kenny Schachter:

11-18 December 2019 | London | full auction details

"I am a materialistic ascetic, though I fetishize objects in my life, but I don’t get (too) attached to any one particular thing (art work), as long as there is something to replace it to fill the void. Like the Latin term Horror Vacui, I have an innate fear of empty space. Mainly that is because everyday, I rub my nose against a drawing, painting, photo or sculpture and learn something new each time. For 15 years living in London my office had no windows, and I didn’t miss them; surrounded by art (and a car under my desk) was better than a day spent in the countryside.  

I tried to understand what drives the bottomless compulsion to collect and in doing so looked to Sigmund Freud, who else? Once past his (dubious) theory of unresolved toilet training issues as the root cause, there was talk of a longing for the comforts of childhood from our mother’s breast to the accumulation of cuddly stuffed animals; which, funny enough, often crop up in contemporary art—and may go far to explain the popularity of market phenoms like KAWS, Murakami and Nara.  

I was never much of a hoarder in my youth, but did accumulate magazines that I still love today from which I used to incessantly cutout and collage images onto a cork wall in my bedroom from an early age. I still do the same thing, though digitally, in the artworks that illustrate my writings.  

After fifteen years living in London and well before, I admittedly transformed into the worst kind of hoarder, stockpiling a potpourri of stuff from piles of old newspapers, every bill and scrap of paper that passed through my hands, to art and design—and lots. Before recently moving back to New York, it took no less three months with a half-dozen fulltime movers to pack my shit (I say that with affection), not to mention the expense of shipping much of it to my new brownstone rental.  

Fifteen crates have made the journey (so far), and that included no furniture other than a handful of design objects by Zaha Hadid, Maria Pergay, the Campana Brothers and Tom Dixon, all of whom I worked with curatorially in the past. Especially my beloved friend Zaha. What in two years I will do with it all when my present lease expires I have tried not to think about too much: it hasn’t taken much time to get to full capacity. I only hope the building doesn’t sink into the foundation from the weight of it all!

Any collector/dealer worth their salt is stuck thick in the middle of a similar such predicament, i.e. despite apartments and houses erupting at the seams with objects of every stripe, still burdened nevertheless, by costly storage obligations far and wide. In an effort to pare down my exposure, I am curating a series of single owner exhibits and sales at Sotheby’s fittingly enough, titled “The Hoarder”, in an attempt to prune at least some of my holdings housed in warehouses in Zurich, London and New York.  

Now off to the galleries for more."


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