The Art of Brut

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Open: Mon-Sat 11.30am-6pm, Sun 2pm-6pm & by appointment

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Open: Mon-Sat 11.30am-6pm, Sun 2pm-6pm & by appointment


The Art of Brut


The Art of Brut
to Sun 25 Jul 2021
Mon-Sat 11.30am-6pm, Sun 2pm-6pm & by appointment

The Gallery of Everything re-opens with The Art of Brut, an installation of the alternative authors and makers examined, investigated, published, collected and exhibited by Jean Dubuffet and his contemporaries during the 1940s.

Scheduled to coincide with Brutal Beauty – the Jean Dubuffet retrospective at the Barbican, The Art of Brut explores this legendary artist’s apparent discoveries in terms of their aesthetic, meaning and impact.

The Art of Brut features over twenty art brut artists in depth, including: mediumistic painters Augustin Lesage and Fleury-Joseph Crépin; Swiss illustrators Aloïse Corbaz, Louis Soutter and Adolf Wölfli; and British creators Scottie Wilson and Madge Gill.

Lesser-known names include: Antoine Rabany and the stone figures known as Les Barbus Müller; Pascale-Désir Maisonneuve and his extraordinary shell masks; satirical woodcarver and toymaker Auguste Forestier; and Juva, a Polish aristocrat and conceptual stone-age artist.

The show also presents some of the trained artists feted by Dubuffet’s associate, Michel Tapié: Maurice Baskin, Pierre Giraud and Jan Křížek. These complement others who narrowly missed inclusion, such as African artist Albert Lubaki, presented alongside his wife Antoinette.

The Art of Brut is an essential complement to an understanding of Jean Dubuffet’s life and work. These artworks are rarely presented in such depth outside specialist museums and this installation is larger than any other.

A weekly online programme of talks and discussions about the artists will accompany the show, together with a series of solo digital presentations.

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