Open: Wed-Sat noon-6pm

472 Hackney Road, Unit 9, E2 9EQ, London, United Kingdom
Open: Wed-Sat noon-6pm


Terms and Conditions May Apply

Annka Kultys Gallery, London

Wed 8 Aug 2018 to Sat 18 Aug 2018

472 Hackney Road, Unit 9, E2 9EQ Terms and Conditions May Apply

Wed-Sat noon-6pm

Annka Kultys Gallery presents 'Terms and Conditions May Apply', a group show curated by Bob Bicknell-Knight in conjunction with the launch of the 5th issue of isthisit? book.

Installation Views

The exhibition includes sculptures, videos, simulations, drawings, paintings and prints from 15 national and international artists including Addie Wagenknecht, Alyssa Davis, Bob Bicknell-Knight, Fabio Lattanzi Antinori, James Irwin, Jason Isolini, Jillian Mayer, Lotte Rose Kjær Skau, Marion Balac, Moises Sanabria, Owen Thackeray, Patrick Colhoun, Rosa Nuutinen, Shamus Clisset and Tom Galle.

The exhibition concerns the current state of surveillance, striving to find a balance between the offline, overtly analogue monitoring of the past with the inherently online, data mining manipulation of the present. The works in the exhibition attempt to explore how and why our lives have become increasingly observed by and mediated upon by corporations and government bodies.

Courtesy of the artists and Annka Kultys Gallery, London

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