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Route Départementale 386, 69560, Saint-Romain-En-Gal, France
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Musée Gallo-Romain de Saint-Romain-En-Gal Vienne, Saint-Romain-En-Gal

Wed 20 Sep 2017 to Sun 7 Jan 2018

Artist: Tarik Kiswanson

Exhibition organized by the Centre d’art contemporain La halle des bouchers, presented at the Musée gallo-romain de Saint-Romain-en-Gal – Vienne, as part of Biennale de Lyon 2017 Résonance / FOCUS Curator: Marc Bembekoff, Director of Centre d’art contemporain La Halle des bouchers

Installation Views

“To enter an archeology museum is to abandon the idea of a stable self, to let all worlds come in, to let all worlds become a part of you. To look on the other side of the mirror and imagine everything you see as not one truth but several: all them worlds coming together to create a whole. To imagine this museum is to imagine one world on top of another, quite literally this museum is the mirror and the ghost floating over its relics.”
Tarik Kiswanson

As part of the Biennale de Lyon Résonance program, the Centre d’art contemporain La Halle des bouchers and the Gallo-Roman Museum of Saint-Romain-en-Gal – Vienne team up to co-produce and present a new site-specific project by Tarik Kiswanson (b. 1986, lives and works in Paris).

For the Gallo-Roman Museum, Tarik Kiswanson intervenes directly within the museum’s permanent collection to present scenography elements allowing an unexpected and singular guided tour that invites the viewer to delve into History intricacies in order to understand differently his own relationship to past cultures and present time.

Through sculpture, performance and writing, Tarik Kiswanson seeks to create new modes of perception and relationship to History, skillfully intertwining political, cultural and personal data. Result of his own multi-cultural background (from Palestinian origins, born in Sweden and now established in Paris), his works, produced in extreme polished metal, give a sense of fragility due to their fine and sharpened aesthetic: they reflect and multiply to infinity the museum’s architecture, the displayed items (mosaic tesserae, fragments of murals...) but also and above all the reflection of the visitor himself.

As an original wandering within the Gallo-Roman Museum’s collections, ALL THE THINGS MY EYES DON’T SEE tends to shift the spectator’s point of view on the museum’s objects, to comprehend differently the flow of history of forms, as well as to make them aware of their body into space.

Tarik Kiswanson’s project benefits from the support of Lafayette Anticipations – Fondation d’entreprise Galeries Lafayette.

Dates of performances
September 2017: Saturday 16, Sunday 17, Tuesday 19 and Sunday 24 at 4:30pm October 2017: Sunday 1st, Sunday 22, Wednesday 25, Thursday 26 and Sunday 29 at 4:30pm November 2017: Sunday 5, Saturday 11, Sunday 12, Sunday 19 and Sunday 26 at 4:30pm December 2017: Sunday 3, Sunday 10, Sunday 17 and Wednesday 27 at 4:30pm January 2018: Sunday 7 at 4:30pm

photos © Patrick Ageneau

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