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291 Grand Street, 2nd floor, NY 10002, New York Lower East Side, USA
Open: 11am-6pm Wed-Sun



to Fri 29 Jun 2018

Curated by Tenaya Izu and Henry Murphy

Deborah Anzinger
American Artist
Jorge Guillen
Baseera Khan
LuLu Meng
Mark Pieterson
Patrice Renee Washington

Identity has been co-opted as qualifier;
disavowment —an unattractive ultimatum.

TAILBONE takes for its central subject the concept of semantic satiation, the repetition of a word to the point that both its meaning and origins melts. We consider semantic satiation as a function in which trending and charged symbols, structures, philosophies, and phenomena are diluted through co-opted structural repetition, thereby rendering them impotent.

Semantic satiation as a psychological phenomenon is fleeting: the system drives itself toward stability and the status quo is restored. These artists ask us to rest in a place of instability, to think apart from the orthodoxy of languages and their logic systems. Perhaps in this state of dissolution is where the most [radical] potential for these symbols exists. The works interrogate points along the paths in, out from, and within this state.

If a place of dissolution is where we choose to begin, then meaning blooms beyond fixed points of signification. The base of our spines retains an echo.

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