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Open: Tue-Sat 2-7pm

123, Rue Vieille-Du-Temple, 75003, Paris, France
Open: Tue-Sat 2-7pm


Susana Solano


Susana Solano
to Sat 11 Jul 2020
Tue-Sat 2-7pm

The gallery presents a solo exhibition of Susana Solano, with a group of sculptures which illustrate her developement from 1990 to 2016.

Susana Solano was born in 1946 in Barcelone. Her works are resumed not only in idea of building a mediation around a form in a space, the eternal preoccupation for sculptor, she quotes that scuptures should also keep the feelings and experiences of artiste. Her sculptures which are mostly made of stainless steel, are like a journey through time. If Susana Solano products little amount of works today, it’s because she considers that an artwork has to keep its resonance and work by itself over time. Moreover, she talks about her works with a certain reservation and rejets radically all rhetoric. In the end, it is the force of intention that counts.

Different facets of her works are already presented in some important exhibitions. Among them, the last exhibition took place at l’I.V.A.M of Valencia in 2019, with a retrospective trail of sculptures, paintings and a remarkable installation which is constituted of copper and steel paving on the ground.

« Art hides a meaning of time – the time which bring us to silence, to oblivion, to loss. Art belongs to canvas which encapsulates and reminds the temporal, the lignts which illuminate it, and the stares which approach it to explore what is entails. …/… There are a huge amount of experiences which compose the surface of ours lives. However, some of them succeed penetrating like arrows in the center of existence, reach certain neurological areas which constitute the receiving of our actions, our thoughts, and which are the intime sources of our emotions. Thoses deeps experiences of us, only us, are totally transformed, whether willing or unconsciously, in an universe dominated by memory and picture. Memory image is stored outside of the time, sailling freely through irregular areas of the ego, while retaining the right to appear or disappear by its desire. »
Extract of an interview of Susana Solano from ABC Cultural with Fernando Castro Flórez.

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