Stine Deja: There’s Life Outside

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Open: Wed-Sat noon-6pm

472 Hackney Road, Unit 9, E2 9EQ, London, UK
Open: Wed-Sat noon-6pm


Stine Deja: There’s Life Outside


Stine Deja: There’s Life Outside
to Sat 7 Oct 2017
Wed-Sat noon-6pm
Artist: Stine Deja

Annka Kultys presents recent video works and installations by the London-based artist Stine Deja marking the artist’s second solo show with the gallery. There’s Life Outside provides an exposé of our increasingly unnatural world.


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For the duration of the show, the gallery space is transformed into a fragment of a living room, with key archetypal elements, all of which are man-made and synthetic versions of a ‘real’ thing. The view to the outside world is obscured by two window-like installations made of Coca-Cola ‘life’ cans. These windows highlight the absurdity and irony of Coca-Cola’s branding strategy; naming a mass-produced product after the most biological process: life. The green colour, inextricably linked to health and environmental awareness, is used for their ‘life’ drink which is ’sweetened by natural sources’. By presenting the product as a ‘life-view’ one cannot escape the ways in which the ‘life’ drink is inevitably lifeless and unnatural. Visitors are invited to sit in faux leather recliner chairs to feel at home and enjoy the view.

In other areas of the space Deja will also present two videos, The Perfect Human and Self-service.

In Self-service the voice of a supermarket self check-out is transformed into a music-video. The video shows rose petals floating in air while glorifying the anonymous and choreographed shopping experience.

The Perfect Human is an anthropological investigation into what it means to be human. It questions how we become who we are, how we process our experiences and how given roles affect us. The video aims to observe rather than provide any answers. Drawing on an original video by Danish filmmaker Jorgen Leth in 1967, the piece rewrites and digitises his anthropological observations on what it means to be ‘perfectly’ human. In Deja’s version the human is no longer in a clinical white room, but suspended in a screen – connected yet alone, while being interrogated by an observer who analyses the human’s perfection.

In There’s Life Outside, the ‘unnatural’ spreads across both video installations.

Courtesy of the artist and Annka Kultys Gallery, London

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