Sommergäste: Cy Twombly

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Open: Tue-Sat 10am-6pm

8 Davies Street, W1K 3DW, London, UK
Open: Tue-Sat 10am-6pm


Sommergäste: Cy Twombly


Sommergäste: Cy Twombly
to Sat 28 Aug 2021
Tue-Sat 10am-6pm
Artist: Cy Twombly

Bastian presents Sommergäste: Cy Twombly, an exhibition of selected photographs by the revered American artist. Offering a rare chance to see an underrepresented aspect of his oeuvre, this incredible series showcases Twombly’s interest in flowers and floral still lifes which were a recurring motif throughout his practice.

Bastian Sommergaste Cy Twombly 1

Bastian Sommergaste Cy Twombly 2

Bastian Sommergaste Cy Twombly 3

Bastian Sommergaste Cy Twombly 4

Bastian Sommergaste Cy Twombly 5

Bastian Sommergaste Cy Twombly 6

Bastian Sommergaste Cy Twombly 7

From his student days at Black Mountain College until his death in 2011, Twombly captured his daily life in photographs. From candid close-up images of ancient buildings, sculptures, studio interiors and landscapes, to dreamy still lifes of objects and flowers, Twombly examined his everyday life in an intimate and timeless fashion.

Part of BASTIAN’s standout summer series which shines a spotlight on a single artist or medium, the photographs on display highlight Twombly’s unique eye for nature and composition, providing visitors with a thrilling insight into the late artist’s life and creative outlook.

Having worked closely with renowned printers Michel and Jean-Francois Fresson to enlarge his Polaroid images on specialised copiers, the matt prints contain a rich, pigment tone, evoking a textural quality reminiscent of a dyed piece of fabric rather than a photograph. The editions remained very small, mostly limited to six impressions, emphasising Twombly’s considered approach and dedication to the medium.

Exploring his interest in preserving particular moments, Cy Twombly once said: “The past is a springboard for me…. Ancient things are new things. Everything lives in the moment; that’s the only time it can live, but its influence can go on forever.”

Courtesy of Bastian

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