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Ryoji Ikeda: spectra

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Westminster Hall, Palace of Westminster, SW1A 0AA, London, UK


Ryoji Ikeda: spectra

to Sun 10 Aug 2014

Artist: Ryoji Ikeda

Westminster Hall, Palace of Westminster, SW1A 0AA Ryoji Ikeda: spectra

Ryoji Ikeda: spectra, commissioned by Artangel, at Victoria Tower Gardens, London, from August 4 to 11, 2014

One hundred years after Germany declared war on Russia, thereby putting into motion events that would devastate Europe during the decades that followed, the UK commemorated this day with LIGHTS OUT: a nationwide black out.

Artangel Ryoji Ikeda spectra 2

Artangel Ryoji Ikeda spectra 3

Artangel Ryoji Ikeda spectra 4

Artangel Ryoji Ikeda spectra 1

Artangel Ryoji Ikeda spectra 5

As lights across the country were extinguished, a single source remained on the tomb of the Unknown Warrior at Westminster Abbey. Simultaneously a column of white light soared into the sky over London.

A twenty-metre grid containing forty-nine searchlights installed at Victoria Tower Gardens forms spectra by Ryoji Ikeda.

Unannounced, it appeared in the sky at dusk Monday 4th August and for seven nights only it will be visible across the city between sunset and sunrise. People can walk within the grid of lights, experiencing a specially composed soundtrack by Ikeda. Walking through these sinewaves, a personal musical score is created for each visitor at the source of this architectural intervention in the sky.

Photography: Will Eckersley, Thierry Bal, Olivia Rutherford, Julian Abrams. Courtesy of Ryoji Ikeda and Artangel

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