Ryan Travis Christian: Fall Apart in My Back Yard

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Open: Thur-Mon 11am-6pm

79 Newtown Lane, East Hampton, NY 11937, New York, USA
Open: Thur-Mon 11am-6pm


Ryan Travis Christian: Fall Apart in My Back Yard

New York

Ryan Travis Christian: Fall Apart in My Back Yard
to Mon 30 Aug 2021
Thur-Mon 11am-6pm

Halsey McKay presents Ryan Travis Christian’s second solo exhibition with the gallery, Fall Apart in My Back Yard, his first show dedicated entirely to paintings.

Halsey McKay Ryan Travis Christian 1

Halsey McKay Ryan Travis Christian 2

Halsey McKay Ryan Travis Christian 3

Halsey McKay Ryan Travis Christian 4

Halsey McKay Ryan Travis Christian 5

Known for exposing the untidy lifestyle of contemporary humanity through a vast array of topics and imagery; the economy, the environment, gender, class, hope, and doubt are contemplated with sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, depression, death, and the afterlife. Christian’s recent work has expanded to comment on current nationwide and worldwide crises: his historical precedents become mirrors reflecting the common concerns of the present. Here, Christian gives us his most focused series of subjects, trees, each anthropomorphised to be caught in the commotion of living. Arms, heads and hands push in, out, and around branches and trunks in a frenzy. Nervous smiles and wide-eyes peer out from the leaves, in an attempt to see the forest for the trees in our own backyard.

In his own words:
Following a recent, more politically charged group of work made during the election time/pandemic I wanted to make more personally meditative works that derive from my time spent in and with nature. The term Fall Apart in My Back Yard is a lyric from the song The Bare Necessities from the Jungle Book. Baloo the bear teacher Mogli how to take it easy, even though the circumstances surrounding the moment are bleak, chaotic and terrifying.

Ryan Travis Christian’s solo and two-person shows have been with Halsey McKay Gallery, East Hampton, NY; Over the Influence, Hong Kong; Ross+Kramer Gallery in New York, NY; Arsham/Fieg Gallery in New York, NY; Richard Heller Gallery in Santa Monica, CA; the Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh, NC; and The Hole in New York. Christian has been included in group shows in Antwerp, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Detroit, Los Angeles, London, New York, Paris, Reykjavik, Rotterdam, San Francisco, and Toronto. His work has been written about in frieze, ArtNews, Art Papers, Juxtapoz, New American Paintings, Artsy, Artspace, Daily Serving, Indy Week and the Associated Press. DAZED recently named Christian as one of the “top ten artists working with monochrome.” He is represented by Western Exhibitions in Chicago and lives and works in the Chicagoland area.

Courtesy of the artist and Halsey McKay Gallery, New York

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