Roman Moriceau: Story of the Wind

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Open: Thu-Sat 1pm-6pm

Rue de la Tulipe 31A, 1050, Brussels, Belgium
Open: Thu-Sat 1pm-6pm


Roman Moriceau: Story of the Wind

to Sat 8 Oct 2022

Artist: Roman Moriceau

Rue de la Tulipe 31A, 1050 Roman Moriceau: Story of the Wind

Thu-Sat 1pm-6pm

For his third solo exhibition at the gallery, Roman Moriceau continues his research on ecology and more particularly on recovery and recycling. Titled after the music of Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou, Story of the Wind is a meditation on the reuse of abandoned and neglected materials.

The process produces ghostly images onsheets of gilded copper. Inspired by a study of light by Sonia Delaunay, a carpet is wovenby gleaning disparate surplus wools from the web. Between furniture and sculpture, formsin hemp concrete coated with lime colored by natural pigments invite to interact with avirtuous material completely useful. A sculpture of shooter glass marbles, like a pearlnecklace, links the floor and the ceiling…”You know the wind goes around the world and has so many stories to tell… on yourleisure hours, sit in your garden and listen to his story as he is passing by… you will enjoyit…”(Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou)

Roman Moriceau(1976 – France) lives and Works in Paris.After completing his studies at the Beaux-Arts of Angers and a brief stay in London, Romanspent several years working in the fashion industry, with Martin Margiela in particular. Thisexperience in fashion clarified the relationship he has always maintained with the worldand objects, fine-tuning his ability to consider forms within a social, cultural and politicalcontext.Roman Moriceau‘s artistic practice questions the place of human in his environment.Portraying the world with a tender irony, he entices us to see things in a new light. Theconcept of Time is also central to his work as a force of change and alteration. Whenchoosing amongst various media he considers their nature, properties and symbolism. Heplays with appearances, working on objects’ materiality. Roman Moriceau helps uscontemplate nature in its fragile and ephemeral condition, making it poetical andprecious.

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