Robert Capa: D-Day in 35mm

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Robert Capa: D-Day in 35mm


Robert Capa: D-Day in 35mm
to Sun 29 Sep 2019
Daily 10am-6pm
Artist: Robert Capa

‘…there, between the grotesque designs of steel obstacles sticking out of the water, was a thin line of land covered with smoke – our Europe, the “Easy Red” beach.’
– Robert Capa, Slightly Out of Focus, 1947

On 6 June 1944 Robert Capa landed on the Easy Red sector of Omaha Beach with the 16th Infantry Regiment of the US Army.

Born in Hungary, Capa made his name as a photojournalist covering the Spanish Civil War (1936–1939), capturing evocative images that were published in magazines across Europe and America.

As one of four press photographers permitted to cover the American beaches on D-Day, he bore witness to the largest amphibious assault in history. These photographs were published in the 19 June 1944 edition of LIFE Magazine. With a circulation of approximately 3.25 million copies, they helped shape the world’s visual understanding of the landings.

On display are 10 of the photographs taken by Capa during the assault on Omaha Beach, alongside personal accounts and objects related to Allied soldiers who landed that fateful day.

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