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No. 133 Sichuan Middle Rd., Huangpu Dist., Shanghai, China
Open: Tue-Sun 10am-7pm


Sat 9 Dec 2023 to Sat 17 Feb 2024

No. 133 Sichuan Middle Rd., Huangpu Dist., Quartet

Tue-Sun 10am-7pm

Artists: Caro Jost - Philipp Donald Göbel - Beñat Olaberria - Kari Anne Helleberg Bahri

Special event: WALKER - Quartet. Saturday 13 January, 3pm-4pm

Bluerider ART Shanghai launches a group exhibition titled Quartet. Four contemporary artists represented by Bluerider ART explore the "metamorphosis" of time, space, and found objects through fourfold abstract forms, creating a new chapter in abstract art.


Philipp Donald Göbel, Untitled, 2021

Mixed Media

198 × 162 × 25 cm

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Beñat Olaberria, Shut, 2023

Mixed Media on Canvas

110 × 140 cm

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Caro Jost, Maximilianstrasse, Munich, 2023

Street Print on Canvas

160 × 200 × 8 cm

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Kari Anne Helleberg Bahri, Future Looks So Bright, 2011

Pyjama on pillow

40 × 80 × 20 cm

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Installation Views

Installation image for Quartet, at Bluerider ART Installation image for Quartet, at Bluerider ART Installation image for Quartet, at Bluerider ART Installation image for Quartet, at Bluerider ART Installation image for Quartet, at Bluerider ART Installation image for Quartet, at Bluerider ART Installation image for Quartet, at Bluerider ART Installation image for Quartet, at Bluerider ART Installation image for Quartet, at Bluerider ART

The four artists include German artist Caro Jost, with her street abstracts; German artist Philipp Donald Göbel, exploring destructive abstraction; Spanish artist Beñat Olaberria, presenting improvisational abstraction; and Norwegian artist Kari Anne Helleberg Bahri, showcasing textile abstraction.

Caro Jost (Germany, b. 1965)
Caro Jost currently resides and practises her art in Munich, with a focus on abstract expressionism rooted in the city, a creative foundation that expands globally. Her well-known series, Street Prints, has left its mark in over 70 locations worldwide. This series involves transferring traces gathered from various streets onto canvases, effectively turning the streets into her central creative theme. Artworks from this series have found permanent homes in prestigious international art institutions such as the MoMA Library Collection, Chelsea Art Museum, and the Museum of the City of Munich. The upcoming exhibition will showcase the latest pieces from the Street Prints series, portraying Jost strolling through the streets of Munich and Berlin. During these walks, she captures the imprints of wear and tear, footprints marked by time or events, and transforms them into abstract lines on canvas — a collective imprint that transcends both time and space.

Philipp Donald Göbel (Germany, b. 1966)
Philipp Donald Göbel currently works and resides in Frankfurt, Germany. His early works were predominantly figurative, but upon realising that traditional painting no longer expressed his ideas adequately, he adopted a process of "deconstruction" and "recomposition" of old works to create entirely new and unconventional modes of creation. His exhibition piece, Untitled, showcases shapes breaking free from the frames, reflecting a transformative process akin to a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. The destruction symbolises a shift, much like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, bringing art into a new form and aesthetic state.

Beñat Olaberria (Spain, b. 1970)
With a master's degree from the London City Art Institute, Beñat Olaberria currently creates and resides in London. His work, created in a non-impressionistic, non-narrative, and non-reductive manner, explores the unknown realms of form, composition, rhythm, and balance. Olaberria likens his creative process to a "walk," an adventurous journey where the final destination is uncertain. His pencil lines and heavy acrylic pigments present an incomplete and uncertain aspect through abstract compositions. Olaberria opposes predefined visual interpretations of his work, leaving gaps for viewers to interpret based on their experiences, creating multiple ways of understanding. The diverse materials he employs, including pencil, acrylic paint, clay, and charcoal, contribute to the layered and open-ended nature of his works. The exhibition will showcase Olaberria's latest works from 2023, inviting viewers to perceive and fill the gaps between their past experiences and the artwork.

Kari Anne Helleberg Bahri (Norway, b. 1975)
Departing from typical Norwegian minimalism, Kari Anne Helleberg Bahri explores contemporary societal themes of limitations, expectations, order, and isolation through neutral-coloured textile art. Bahri collects old woven fabrics bearing the shared experiences and sedimentation of time. Using handmade stitching, she explores the details of fibres, utilising natural materials like cotton, linen, and wool as her medium. Through textile art, she liberates the body from constraints, creating unique life stories. Her exhibition will feature several works, including a large collective installation titled Garment Bags, comprising 80 repurposed garment bags on old hangers. Each piece is manually processed, reinterpreting and reconstructing discarded, flawed, decaying, and imperfect items. This installation prompts viewers to break free from self-imposed circles and reflect objectively on memory and experience.

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