Postcards at Hellvi Kännungs

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Open: Tue-Fri Noon-5pm, Sat noon-4pm

Fredsgatan 12,, 111 52 Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
Open: Tue-Fri Noon-5pm, Sat noon-4pm


Postcards at Hellvi Kännungs


Postcards at Hellvi Kännungs
to Sun 8 Aug 2021
Tue-Fri Noon-5pm, Sat noon-4pm

Hellvi Kännungs 207
624 50 Lärbro
Gotland, Sweden

Open Friday–Sunday 12–4pm and by appointment.

Galleri Magnus Karlsson presents the tenth summer exhibition at Hellvi Kännungs, Gotland, Sweden. The exhibition Postcards is a curated group exhibition with 24 artists from different parts of the world under the theme of landscape painting.

Galleri Magnus Karlsson Postcards at Hellvi Kannungs 1

Galleri Magnus Karlsson Postcards at Hellvi Kannungs 2

Galleri Magnus Karlsson Postcards at Hellvi Kannungs 3

Galleri Magnus Karlsson Postcards at Hellvi Kannungs 4

Galleri Magnus Karlsson Postcards at Hellvi Kannungs 5

Galleri Magnus Karlsson Postcards at Hellvi Kannungs 6

Galleri Magnus Karlsson Postcards at Hellvi Kannungs 7

The exhibition has been realized in close collaboration with Brit Pruiksma, founder and curator of the Instagram account @mothflower_ and the online gallery

Creating a powerful thread that ties together artists and works of art from around the world is essential to my work with Mothflower. Recognizing that unique expressions exist in distinct ways across cultures, it is also a great joy for me to notice what is universally being conveyed or commonly expressed regardless of where an artist is from. My Instagram page is an ongoing virtual exhibition presenting a mixture of work by established artists, emerging artists and those no longer living. Each work is initially selected (mostly) intuitively and then juxtaposed on my feed after thoughtful consideration.

’Postcards’ at Hellvi Kännungs is my first physically curated exhibition featuring works by many of the artists I’ve highlighted on my account over the past year and a half. Here, you’ll find a group of paintings depicting a landscape or an interpretation of one. Perhaps each work could be seen as a kind of ’postcard’ from the artist’s own domain, a memory of somewhere, or even a feeling of a place. Given that Mothflower reaches a global audience that spans over 50 countries, it seemed only fitting to curate an exhibition which would be a nod to the international community.

–Brit Pruiksma

Hellvi Kännungs is Galleri Magnus Karlsson’s project room in a rebuilt limestone barn on the island of Gotland. Since 2011 it is an alternative exhibition space to the gallery in Stockholm. Some of the gallery artists have curated their own exhibitions here and it has been a place to explore new ideas. Hellvi Kännungs has become a meeting point for artists and public in an environment completely different from the urban gallery space. The proximity to nature and the seclusion has contributed to a prestigious and inspiring atmosphere. In addition to the exhibitions, the gallery artists have also stayed at Hellvi Kännungs during periods of work and relaxation.

Brit Pruiksma (b. 1984) created her @mothflower_ Instagram account in January 2020. A year and a half on, her daily postings of moving, poetic and peculiar artworks have attracted nearly 40K followers. It is now a dynamic and interactive community of international artists, art enthusiasts, collectors and gallerists. In April 2021, she launched, a new online art gallery. Hence she now looks forward to opportunities where artwork she shares on social media can be experienced in-person. Originally from New York, Brit is now based in the UK with her family.

The exhibition opens Thursday July 15, 12–4 pm. Welcome!

Courtesy of Galleri Magnus Karlsson

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