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Chien vase, 1992

Synthetic resin, coloured, with metal and ceramic vessel
48 x 71 x 18 cm
Ed. 38/50 pcs + 10 EA. Numbered and signed : 38/50 Niki de Saint Phalle

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Red Flags, White Flags, 1946

Metal sheet, wire and paint
22.9 x 16.5 x 16.5 cm
Registered in the archives of the Calder Foundation New York under no. A15385.

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Pandosie, 1976

Oil on canvas
72 x 92 cm. Frame: 97 x 116 cm (with frame)
Signed and dated lower right : Mathieu 76; Titled behind the frame Certificate of authenticity issued by Georges Mathieu Committee, dated March 17th 2015, under no.GM70006

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Sans titre, circa 1959

Tempera on paper
55 x 75 cm. Frame: 95 x 117 cm (with frame)
Signed lower right : Vieira da Silva/67. Certificate delivered by the Vieira Da Silva Comittee-Arpad Szenes, dated November 14th, 2016

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Table Bleu Klein IKB, 2019

Blue pigment in glass, plexiglass and chrome plated metal
38 x 125 x 100 m
Plate numbered and signed underside : JHY-OIKA / R. Klein-Moquay

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Panda Slide, 2012

Enamel and glitter on linen
114.5 x 85.7 cm
Signed and dated on the overlap : Rob Pruitt 2012

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Sans titre, 1973

Oil on paper mounted on canvas
65 x 50 cm. Frame: 83.5 x 69 cm (with frame)
Signed and dated lower right : Chu Teh Chun, 73 Certificate of authenticity issued by the Chu Teh-Chun Foundation, dated July, 20th 2020

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Tigar, 1983

Marker on porcelain
D. 24.5 cm. Frame: D. 33 cm (with frame)
Signed and dedicated on the back : to Mariuccia / Andy Warhol / D K

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Masque mortuaire de Napoléon sur un rhinoceros, Bronze with golden patina

32.5 x 30 x 18.5 cm
Ed. 7/8 pcs. Signed, numbered and foundry's stamp : 7/8 , Valsuani Dalì, Sculpture & Objets, Le dur et le mou, by Robert and Nicolas Descharnes, Eccart, 2004, similar cast illustrated under no.359-361, p.140

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Weed (#531), 2020

Painted bronze
63.5 x 22.86 x 45.7 cm
Unique work. Certificate of authenticity issued by Tony Matelli, dated May 6th, 2020

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Paysage au chien bleu, November 1952

81 x 100 cm. Frame: 100 x 119.8 (with frame)
Signed and dated upper right : J. Dubuffet 52 / Countersigned, titled and dated on the back : Paysage au chien bleu, J. Dubuffet, Novembre 1952

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Concetto spaziale, 1959

Painted terracotta, graffiti and cut
D. 37 cm
Unique work. Signed and dated on the front : l.fontana / 59 Registered in the archives of Fondazione Lucio Fontana, Milano under no.4331/1

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Composition abstraite, circa 1958

Gouache on light gray paper by Montgolfier (watermark)
48 x 62.2 cm. Frame: 62 x 77 cm / 24.4 x 30.3 in. (with frame)
Signed lower right : Serge Poliakoff Listed in the Poliakoff Archive, Paris, under the no.858056. [JS]

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Composition abstraite, 1961

Gouache on paper
63 x 47.5 cm
Signed lower right : Serge Poliakoff. Certificate of authenticity issued by Alexis Poliakoff, dated February 26, 2021. Registered in the Poliakoff-Archive under no.861014

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Composition abstraite, 1968

Gouache on paper laid down on canvas
62.5 x 48.5 cm. Frame: 80.6 x 66.5 cm (with frame)
Signed lower right: Serge Poliakoff Notice of inclusion in the forthcoming Catalogue Raisonné of Serge Poliakoff's Artwork, Vol.VI, being prepared by Alexis Poliak

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Composition, circa 1959

Oil on paper laid down on canvas
105 x 75 cm
Certificate of authenticity issued by Yseult Riopelle, dated January 16th, 2021, under no.494-CA-BA

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Lampadaire modèle ''Figure'', circa 1933-1934

Bronze with a dark brown patina
H. 155.5 cm
Signed, numbered and foundry's stamp on the base : Alberto Giacometti, 057, Susse Fondeur Paris. Certificate of authenticity issued by the Giacometti Committee, dated October 2020 and listed under no.4266 on ADG

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Black heart, 1971

Metal sheet and paint
59.7 x 33 x 25.4 cm
Incised with the artist monogram and dated : 71. Registered in the archives of the Calder Foundation New York under no. A02186

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Post-War art : The liberation of artistic creation

The vibrant and turbulent postwar period simultaneously aroused the tendency to reject traditional forms of composition and order in favour of more gestural and expressive creations. The changes unleashed incredible energy, opening up a completely new and dynamic field of artistic considerations.

Alexander Calder revolutionized sculpture by suspending forms that move with the flow of air and introduced kinetic art. The multivalent network of relationships, as well as differences, affiliations, and cultural solidarities, had upheaval the semantic, aesthetic, and morphological order of Mathieu?s theory, drawing the bases of Lyrical Abstraction. Untrammeled by convention, Jean Dubuffet interested in marginal art and fight against artistic and intellectual elitism created the artistic circle of Art Brut. Basis of a revolution in contemporary production bringing art, philosophy, as well as sociology together, these movements are perfect testimonies of the dynamism, self-determination, and rebellion of this free creative period.

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