Poetry in Motion. Ceramics by Jean Lurçat

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Poetry in Motion. Ceramics by Jean Lurçat


Poetry in Motion. Ceramics by Jean Lurçat
to Fri 17 Jan 2020

Whitford Fine Art presents for the fourth time an exhibition on Jean Lurçat.

Jean Lurcat Whitford

An important and successful painter of the School of Paris, Jean Lurçat singlehandedly revived tapestry-making as an art form during the 1930s. Lurçat’s artistic eye simultaneously wandered towards a multitude of other media, including engraving, book illustrations and – most notably – ceramics. During the 1950’s Lurçat worked away abundantly at the ceramic workshops of Sant-Vicens in the Southern French city of Perpignan.

Imaginary and mythological sea and wood creatures and foliage are winding their ways in thickly applied saturated colours overlaid with brilliant glaze. These designs demonstrate Lurçat’s fondness of the symbolic and poetry which formed the core of his artistic expression. Thus a plate, a bowl, a jug or a tile, becomes an object of beauty and exquisiteness. Lurçat’s poetry is ultimately derived from the excellence of the Art Nouveau style.

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