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Pedro Cabrita Reis


Pedro Cabrita Reis
to Sat 20 Apr 2019
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Mai 36 Galerie presents solo exhibition by Portuguese artist Pedro Cabrita Reis.

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Cabrita Reis works in a variety of media, including photography, drawing, large-format paintings, sculpture and installations. In addition to industrially manufactured goods, he also uses found objects that he combines with a wide range of diverse materials such as simple building materials, steel, wood, glass, enamel, bronze and aluminum. At the same time, the various media in Cabrita Reis‘ oeuvre converge with one another without losing their individual characteristics.

The works are complex in all their theoretical and compositional diversity, with the materials themselves playing a crucial role in calling spatial boundaries into question. This is an oeuvre that conjures new and unexpected connections, stimulating the imagination of the viewer with powers of association so evocative that they go beyond the visual and into the realms of the metaphorical. Cabrita Reis’ three-dimensional works quite often take on architectonic dimensions, straddling the divide between architecture and installation in ways that are redolent of archetypical aspects of the built environment.

The exhibition at Mai 36 presents works of various genres, including drawings on paper and new bronze sculptures. While The Redux Suite (2nd series/the baroque paintings) #9 (2018) deploys materials such as aluminum, enamel, a plastic lid, plywood and a found tabletop, the works Strapped and Mother and Son (both 2019) form part of a series of new bronze sculptures.

In a singularly poetic discourse, the artist explores the medium of sculpture by using constructive processes to recycle simple materials in ways that grasp anonymous memories of the past and reposition them. On the other hand, he also explores the processuality and materiality of sculpture.

Pedro Cabrita Reis (*1956 in Lisbon, lives and works in Lisbon) began his career as an artist in the 1980s and has gone on to become one of the foremost international artists of his generation. His work is exhibited worldwide and he has participated in major international exhibitions such as Documenta IX in Kassel (1992), the 21st and 24th São Paulo Biennale (1998, 1994) and the Venice Biennale (2013, 2003, representing Portugal in 1997).

His works are included in such important collections as that of Tate Modern in London, Kunstmuseum Winterthur, Fundação Serralves, Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Oporto, mumok in Vienna and Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Turin.

Courtesy of the artist and Mai 36 Galerie, Zürich

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