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Hermit Shelter, 2021

Watercolour on Paper
78 x 53 cm

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Figaro Figure, 2021

Watercolour and coloured pencil on paper
105 x 140 cm

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Three, 2021

Acrylic, ink and collage on paper
200 x 140 cm

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Untitled, 2021

Oil and oil pastel on paper
95 x 65 cm

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Five, 2021

Pastel on paper
40 x 30 cm

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Flowers from the Garden, 2021

Pastel pencil, soft pastel, charcoal and watercolour on paper
50 x 70 cm

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Droopy Flower Boi, 2021

House paint and oil on paper
100 x 65 cm

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Yaffa, 2021

Mixed Media on Paper
24 x 24 cm

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Aunaturel, 2021

Gouache, Coloured Pencil and Mixed Media on Paper
150 x 140 cm

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Burning Match, 2021

Chalk on paper
39 x 34 cm

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Antonette, Benny, Alan & Lori Schneider in Brooklyn, 2021

Water-soluble wax pastel on paper
150 x 190 cm
Mounted and framed with oak wood

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Flirty Citrus Bowl, 2021

Acrylic and flashe on paper
76 x 57 cm

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Paranoia, 2021

Oil and Watercolour on Paper
25 x 20 cm

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Into the landscape, 2021

Oil paint and oil stick on paper
105 x 78 cm

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People in Plants I, 2021

Colour Chalk on Paper
40 x 58 cm

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BEERS London Paper 1

BEERS London Paper 2

BEERS London Paper 3

BEERS London Paper 4

BEERS London Paper 5

BEERS London Paper 6

BEERS London Paper 7 a group show designed to introduce a large number of talented artists to new and existing collectors, visitors to the gallery, and online followers. The thirty-something invited artists hail from all over the world and include both gallery artists and a number of fresh talent. The selected artists were purposefully given vague criteria in order to free them from the constraints of a single overriding theme, and instead, focus on concerns directly relating to their practice. The resulting pieces include a multitude of styles, and media, including less conventional techniques like collage, silkscreen, and monotype. These unique works typically range between £2,000-5,000, with a few artists presenting monumental works up to £10,000, and others presenting bargains for under £1,000. The main objective was to present a range of affordable works to the seasoned collector, but also to more casual collectors, keeping in mind that works on paper typically run 1/3 cheaper than a similarly sized work on canvas. We are thrilled to present such a talented group of new and familiar names… we are confident that there is a piece for every taste, desire, and budget.

Courtesy of BEERS London

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