Pamela Golden: Thunderstruck

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Open: 10am-5.30pm Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm Sat


Pamela Golden: Thunderstruck

Pamela Golden: Thunderstruck
to Sat 3 Feb 2018

Marlborough presents Thunderstruck, a new series of paintings by Pamela Golden inspired by both real and imagined images of Iraq from the past and present.


Thunderstruck, the title of the exhibition, is taken from the AC/DC song American soldiers played whilst bombing in the Iraq War.

In this series Golden explores a complex array of themes, including notions of the “Other”, the “Exotic” and “Orientalism”. Here Golden harks back to Delacroix’s use of photography and painting to describe foreign cultures, questioning how we perceive the world through mediated sources.

Golden’s work explores our relationships to imagery and visual culture considering how associations adapt and alter over time; exposing anxieties around aspects of visual culture particularly images of conflict. These paintings question how we assign value to an image and the reimagination of her source materials- film stills, photographs – allow Golden to manipulate the viewer’s experience, revealing new narratives through her works.

A catalogue accompanies the exhibition with an introduction by Indian-American author and professor of creative writing Akhil Sharma.

Pamela Golden, Phantom Linebacker, 2017, sumi, watercolour and ink on paper, 110 x 100 cm

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