Osman Dinç: Beewax is the Elbow Grease of Bees

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Open: 10am-7pm Mon-Sat

Mumhane Caddesi No:52/3, Karakoy, 34425, Istanbul, Turkey
Open: 10am-7pm Mon-Sat


Osman Dinç: Beewax is the Elbow Grease of Bees

Osman Dinç: Beewax is the Elbow Grease of Bees
to Wed 28 Mar 2018

Pi Artworks Istanbul presents Osman Dinc’s solo exhibition Beewax is the Elbow Grease of Bees. Dinc’s changes in his practice throughout the years are visible in this show, presenting works made with many different materials such as steel, aluminum, stone. In this exhibition, the artist’s sculptures remind what human labor is, in a poetic and subtle sequence of elements.

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Dinc tranforms materials into sculptures vitalizing them, inviting the viewers to a dialogue with his own narratives. The sculptures keep their own essence material, and at the same time they bring nature, culture and technique together. Dinc’s artworks mirror our feelings and thoughts, making possible the appearance of a new connection.

Sculptures make the invisible thought visible with a minimalist approach. Dinc, in his works, investigates the beginning of the forgotten values and also protects the raw material that dedicates to language of plastic arts. Minimalistic artworks merge with other artistic disciplines, creating an integrity throughout the exhibition. Emphasizing the workers’ hypocrisy within the functioning context of the global economy, the show associates cultural patterns with social memory, by linking different topics and historical processes.

In the exhibition, all the artworks, each one of them with their own story, seem to be in harmony, creating a flawless and unexpected dialogue between them. The installation Elbow Grease of Bee, composed by 100 aluminum pods filled with beeswax, challenges the audience with a strong fictional narration. Other works part of the show, related to the sources of nature, such as sculptures’ arrangements made of steel boats, water-trapped steel cuddles and water clocks, change form and turn into ideas. These views, supported by the language of the materials used, are the basis of the story, telling the way the world works. The artist invites the viewers’ self-awakening with everyday objects of our collective memory.

Osman Dinç, d. 1948. Major exhibition include; Respect II, Bozlu Art Project, Istanbul, Turkey (2016); What’s The Riddle, Pi Artworks London, England (2016); A Story of the World (solo), Cer Modern, Ankara, Turkey (2014); Les Jeux De l’Eau Et du Miel, L’Agart, Amilly, France (2014); Fair Signe, Maison d’art Contemporain Chailloux, MACC, France (2014); Theorem (solo), Pi Artworks Istanbul, Turkey (2014); Cosmic Touch, Espace Art Roch, Paris, France (2013); Osman Dinç (solo), Siyah Beyaz Sanat Galerisi, Ankara, Turkey (2011). Dinç has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the Ankara Art Foundation’s 2002 Sculptor of the Year, the 1993 UNESCO Sculptor of the Year, and has been thrice awarded the State Museum of Turkey’s Sculpture and Painting Award. Major collections include Les Tanneries, Centre d’art Contemporain, Amilly, France; The Art Collection of the Municipality of Paris, France; Istanbul Modern, Turkey; Merkez Bank Collection, Turkey; The Musée de Annecy Collection, France; and the State Museum of Sculpture and Painting, Ankara, Turkey.

Courtesy of the artist and Pi Artworks

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