One Planet One Future by Anne De Carbuccia

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38 Old Bond Street, W1S 4QW, London West End, UK


One Planet One Future by Anne De Carbuccia

One Planet One Future by Anne De Carbuccia
to Thu 15 Nov 2018

Brun Fine Art presents ONE PLANET ONE FUTURE, a solo exhibition of over twenty photographs by Franco-American environmental artist Anne de Carbuccia (b. New York, 1968).

After travelling to New York, Milan, Moscow, and Naples, this artistic project is presented for the first time in London at 38 Old Bond Street, featuring photographs, installations, and videos. The aim of Anne de Carbuccia’s ONE PLANET ONE FUTURE exhibitions is to raise awareness and document human-caused threats to the planet, “what we have, what we may lose and what we have already lost”. ONE PLANET ONE FUTURE harnesses the universal language of art to inspire individual action. Through her photographs, Anne de Carbuccia wishes to draw attention to the current environmental crisis and to move people to change the behaviours and habits that contribute to it. All the photographs are taken on location and are both an homage to their subjects — water, disappearing environments, endangered species, and cultures — and a hard examination of the often ruinous effects of pollution and war. They record what is fast disappearing for future generations while serving as a plea to reimagine a new world. In each photograph, the artist creates a so-called TimeShrine, a staged composition of a vanitas (skull) and an hourglass to remind the viewer the futility of earthly life and the incessant passing of time. To complete the TimeShrines, Anne de Carbuccia also incorporates organic elements and found objects, each carefully chosen for its symbolic meaning.

“The vanity, the skull is not a symbol of death but a reminder that we are all mortal and should spend the precious time we have on the planet on positive and constructive accomplishments. There is no death in the vanity, just choice. You look at the vanity and you stop wasting your time. It’s one of the most positive symbols ever created.”

Anne de Carbuccia is a French-American environmental artist, who lives between Milan and New York.
After her studies in Anthropology and Art History at Columbia University, she traveled for years to the most extreme places on Earth creating and photographing temporary installations (TimeShrines) that document and preserve the memory of endangered places, animals, and cultures.
For this reason, she established the project ONE PLANET ONE FUTURE and the Time Shrine Foundation. Her images have been exhibited in museums and public institutions in Europe and America and are part of several private collections. Her short film ONE OCEAN was presented at the 75th Venice International Film Festival.

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