Oliver Dorfer: Storyboard: Njord

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Open: Thu-Sat noon-5pm

Absberggasse 27, 1100, Vienna, Austria
Open: Thu-Sat noon-5pm


Oliver Dorfer: Storyboard: Njord


Oliver Dorfer: Storyboard: Njord
to Mon 20 Jan 2020
Thu-Sat noon-5pm

Hilger Next Oliver Dorfer 1

Hilger Next Oliver Dorfer 2

Hilger Next Oliver Dorfer 3

Hilger Next Oliver Dorfer 4

Hilger Next Oliver Dorfer 5

Hilger Next Oliver Dorfer 6

The works in the storyboard:njord series form their own cosmos, which every viewer will access in a different way. As is the case with truth, a singualr reality is unobtainable. Everything is interconnected like the Hindu temples of Dorfers childhood, the genesis of his works and the current cycle. In Njord, Dorfer draws upon all the elements of his prior development. He is therby fully in step with the times and offers an impressive demonstration of the capabilities of painting in the digital age. Berthold Ecker, in: Dorfer, njord 2019, Vienna, 2019

Courtesy of the artist and Hilger Next, Vienna

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