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Open: Tue-Sat 10am-6pm


Noah Landfield

Palm Beach

Noah Landfield
to Sat 4 Jul 2020
Tue-Sat 10am-6pm


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Noah Landfield was born and raised in New York City, in a Tribeca that was still full of commercial lofts and artists’ residences, rather than brimming with expensive boutiques and ordinary families. This was fertile soil for a budding artist. Landfield, a son and grandson of painters, naturally inspired and gifted, followed his family craft.

He utilizes impressionistic overlays of metropolitan architectural renderings inspired by his visits to Japan and his reaction to the compact urban environment of Tokyo and other major cities. Landfield’s paintings are redolent of the tension between man-made urban structures, the forces of nature, and are also expressive of the way they manage to coexist. His execution of these ghostly images combines fine detail with broad sweeps of near abstraction in vibrant color. Questions arise through the unsettling nature of the imagery, are these images of the present, past, or future? Are they warnings? These temporal questions give a strong contemporary edge to Landfield’s work, as does his play with visual perception in the near-photographic quality of the cities he depicts, which are painted in a masterfully pointillist manner.

Noah Landfield is intrigued by the possibility of visualizing energy and time in an artwork; to play with the interchange between color vibrations and to allow the viewer to become the synapse between painterly elements, completing the energy wave. Mixing line, shape, and surface variation with highly saturated color, and spatial imagery, the tension and disparity challenges the viewer’s perception and asks them to look closer to figure out what he/she is looking at, this becomes the spark that contains energy.

Landfield received his MFA from City University, Hunter College in NYC. His work has been shown in numerous galleries on the east and west coasts. He currently resides and works in Brooklyn.

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