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via Alto Adige 176, 38121, Trento, Italy
Open: Tue-Fri 2pm-7pm & by appointment


Nel grembo materno

Boccanera, Trento

Thu 22 Dec 2022 to Sat 25 Feb 2023

via Alto Adige 176, 38121 Nel grembo materno

Tue-Fri 2pm-7pm & by appointment

Opening: Wednesday 21 December, 6pm-9pm Curated by Giorgia Lucchi Boccanera The pleasure of discovery, but also the arduous process of believing in young artists, often chosen while still students or taking their first steps in the world of exhibiting. And then waiting patiently for critical and commercial acknowledgement to come, perhaps even years down the line. This is my philosophy. Giorgia Lucchi Boccanera Boccanera Gallery presents Nel grembo materno, a group exhibition with the aim of following up on the recent exhibition proposal by curator Cecilia Alemani for the 59th Venice Biennale entitled The Milk of Dreams.

The group exhibition aims to highlight female entrepreneurial activity in art and its ‘visionary’ intuitions. Gallerist Giorgia Lucchi Boccanera invites a number of Italian and foreign contemporary art galleries to participate in this project. These galleries have built up a relationship of mutual esteem during their activity or shared with her part of their development and taste for discovery.

Nel grembo materno represents the dual essence of the gallery owner’s role, as both entrepreneur and ‘mother’ of her artists, supporting their research and their most visionary projects. The partner galleries are thus called upon to exhibit one of their artists, whose poetics may be described – or has been described in the past – as outside the box and capable of contributing to significant change in contemporary artistic production.

The project also aims to activate a meaningful dialogue between the local context and the most innovative contemporary artistic production, going beyond the metropolitan boundaries (in which art conventionally moves) and promoting stimulating new couplings.

On the occasion of Nel grembo materno, Boccanera Gallery presents the artworks of Linda Carrara, Veronica de Giovanelli and Debora Hirsch: ‘visionary’ female artists, discovered by the gallery owner herself by virtue of their peculiar way of approaching and reproducing the reality that surrounds them.

Linda Carrara (Bergamo IT, 1984) proposes profound metalinguistic research on the painting medium, investigating the still life genre. Frottage, the main technique used by the artist, becomes a way of archiving places without providing a direct representation of them. Her work thus reflects on the technical languages of painting and its processes of synthesis.

Veronica de Giovanelli (Trento IT, 1989) proposes a narrative with a geological matrix through her painting, constructing her images by means of continuous stratifications of colour, from which an unprecedented form of landscape emerges. Evoking imagery with a Nordic flavour and closely bound to the presence of rock in its many forms, Veronica’s works represent a renewed encounter between painting and landscape, opening up to new representational considerations.

Debora Hirsch (São Paulo BR, 1967) explores and investigates power structures, laying bare their brutal, insidious and invasive dimension, ranging from the historical dynamics of colonisation to technological control and interpersonal mechanisms. A conceptual work of elaboration of reality from which the construction of personal metaphysical imagery is derived, capable of the logical and moral overturning of pre-constituted realities.

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