Milly Peck: The Slip. Summer Window Installation

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Open: noon-6pm Wed-Sat

107 Essex Road, N1 2SL, London, UK
Open: noon-6pm Wed-Sat


Milly Peck: The Slip. Summer Window Installation

Milly Peck: The Slip. Summer Window Installation
to Fri 31 Aug 2018
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Tintype presents a work by Milly Peck installed in the gallery’s window, visible from the street while the gallery is closed during August.

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Milly Peck’s work explores the push-pull between the flat and three-dimensional. She makes sculptures that often have the appearance of a pictorial image, and wall based work that is three-dimensional.

Images gleaned from daily life morph into outlines or chunky cut-outs. Bricks, cigarette stubs, wheelie bins, a lawnmower, a bath, a car-wash, windows, water pipes, bucket and mop, and an oversized pair of spectacles are transformed through a cartoonish filter. Often a lone hand makes an appearance, squeezing a sponge, delicately picking up a stray hair, wielding a hammer.

Her show at Matt’s Gallery in 2017 mischievously interrogated mock Tudor beams and suburban home fenestration. Her recent exhibition at Assembly Point was a theatrical set – a bathroom and its plumbing farcically mimicking the step-by-step logic of a home improvement manual.

Continuing her ongoing exploration of ideas surrounding imitation, flatness and the stage prop, Peck’s Tintype window installation plays on the way that empty shops often become temporarily whited out to signify their closed status – for Peck this is a surface to draw onto, leaving a section for a work to hang and be framed by the white glass.

MILLY PECK graduated from MA Sculpture at the Royal College of Art in 2016 where she was awarded The David Troostwyk/Matt’s Gallery Studio Award which concluded with a solo show, LOUD KNOCK, at Matt’s Gallery (Studio Space), London in 2017. Recent shows she has participated in include: Pressure Head, Assembly Point, London; Cypher Billboard Project, London; Refinding: Jessie Flood-Paddock with Kenneth Armitage, The Tetley, Leeds; Mudhook at Tintype, London; Top Bantz, The Royal Standard, Liverpool.

Installation view ©Milly Peck, courtesy Tintype, London. Photo: Cameron Leadbetter

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