Marina Cruz: Read between the lines

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Open: Summer Closure

Dorotheergasse 5, 1010, Vienna, Austria
Open: Summer Closure


Marina Cruz: Read between the lines


Marina Cruz: Read between the lines
to Sat 16 Feb 2019
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Read between the lines…(of the fabric) an idiomatic expression, to discover a meaning hidden or implied, it also means to be attentive to the clothes that used to be ordinary objects that were witnesses to the wearer’s lives back in mid-20th century. I work with the material of found objects as subject matter, clothing of my mother and her female siblings. These dresses and clothes are made by my grandmother for them. I am amazed of how these clothes were kept. In today’s fast fashion, people see clothes as almost disposables but during my grandmother and mother’s time they are a very cared possession.

I look into clothes, not just as material to protect oneself from elements but a map to look into hidden meanings almost like a diary but not through words… When I paint the clothing bigger than their sizes; the lines, patterns, designs, creases, remnants of wear and tear of the fabric emerge. As I look into the lines of threads, that my late grandmother made for my mother and her siblings, I also discover a lineage of family ties and personal history or her story. Women made dresses, clothed by women, worn by women and now I make paintings to continue the narrative.
The artist Marina Cruz, who is exhibiting her first solo exhibition in Austria after her participation in the group exhibition “Terra Incognita”, was born in 1982 in Bulacan / Philippines. She lives and works in Bulacan.

She has participated in exhibitions in 2017 that include “Instant Replay”, ARNDT, Singapore, “Passion and procession: Art of the Philippines”, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, “Pauses of Possibility”, Lopez Museum and Library, Pasig, Manila, Philippines, “Mindscape”, Mind Set Art Center, Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE and “Mutable Truths: Perspectives on Philippine Contemporary Art Practice”, La Trobe Art Institute, Bendigo, Australia.

Her selected solo exhibitions include “Mend and Amends”, Arndt Art Agency, Berlin, Germany (2016), “Memory of the Mundane”, DKS Deutsche Bank Knowledge Services: Appreciating Art Exhibition, BGC, Taguig, Philippines (2016), “Loose Threads”, 1335 Mabini, Manila, Philippines (2015) and “Wear and Tear”, Mind Set Art Center, Taipei Taiwan (2015),“Unearthed Landscapes”, West Gallery, Philippines (2015).

Courtesy of Galerie Ernst Hilger, Vienna

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