Loredana Nemes: Greed Fear Love. Photographs 2008-2017

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Alte Jakobstraße 124-128, D-10969, Berlin, Germany
Open: 10am-6pm Wed-Mon. Closed Tue


Loredana Nemes: Greed Fear Love. Photographs 2008-2017

Loredana Nemes: Greed Fear Love. Photographs 2008-2017
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Loredana Nemes

Loredana Nemes (*1972) takes chances – and the time for discoveries. A spirit of discovery and women artists are both high on the Berlinische Galerie’s agenda. The museum of modern art, photography and architecture already has 23 works by the art photographer with Romanian roots. Her first solo show at an art museum contains approx. 120 works centred on human portraits and on the poetry and surrealism in everyday life. Nemes has focussed for a long time on social themes like identity and personality, which are highly political today. Using techniques such as focus (or lack of it) and abstraction, her pictures often reflect her viewers’ insecurities, lack of knowledge and fears. Nemes‘s advantage and her driving force stem from her experience of three different cultural backgrounds: Romania, her country of birth, Iran, where she spent a period of her childhood, and Germany. Initially she studied mathematics and German. Then in Berlin she opted for a radical new departure: a career as an independent photographer. There have been numerous gallery exhibitions and publications on Nemes, whose works are already found in a variety of collections: the Folkwang Museum in Essen, the Deutsches Historisches Museum, the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg, the DZ Bank Kunstsammlung in Frankfurt and the Cleveland Clinic Art Collection.The exhibition and catalogue have been funded by the Förderverein Berlinische Galerie e.V. and the Rudolf Augstein Stiftung.

Loredana Nemes, Beker, Neukölln, 2009, aus der Serie: beyond, 2008-2010 © Loredana Nemes

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