Li Shurui: LSR • Tenderest Affection

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Open: 2-7pm Tue-Sat

2 rue Borda, 75003, Paris, France
Open: 2-7pm Tue-Sat


Li Shurui: LSR • Tenderest Affection


Li Shurui: LSR • Tenderest Affection
to Sat 2 Jun 2018
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New Galerie Li Shurui 1

This is the first time you are showing a video work. Has it influenced the way you have created the exhibition?

Yes, for me it is a new medium to be getting into, and I enjoyed considering its dynamic inside the space. It will be fairly immersive and fill up the space with sound as well, occupying its own room, and I think there will be a good balance with the other spaces. It adds dimension to the exhibition that I have not had in my previous solo shows.

The movie seem to deal with an intimate part of your life, you and your partner are the main actors. How does it relate to your paintings? In the movie, we see your paintings in different scenes. Have they a narrative effect or are they part of your intimate environment?

My partner and I are both so deeply dedicated to our ocean swims that they cannot be easily separated from other aspects of life. The sum of your experiences and all that makes your being what it is determines your aesthetics as well. Your aesthetics are, of course, what determine how and what you paint (unless you are playing the kind of game in which you deliberately resist your aesthetics).

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